Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 83

This week has been a good week. The really only thing is that Christmas happened. On Saturday, we went to the Boninis house. The zones of Manga and Beira got together there. At first we had a white elephant like we do at home. I got this weird donkey fluffy toy thing. Her name is Kimmy by the way. Then sister Bonini made us all food. There was beans rice, cakes, just tons of food. I got so full. Then for the rest of the day, we just chilled at their house with the other elders. I would say about 30 Elders were there in total. It was a good turnout. That morning we also did some service at a members house. We helped build a fence. It was about 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity while doing it. I was sweating like a dog.

This week we plan on finding lots of new people. I don’t have a lot to say because I called this week. I would like pictures of Christmas. Have a good week I love you all-

Elder Sirrine - The one and only