Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 86

The doctor dude is a missionary from South Africa. He covers 12 missions in southern Africa. He goes to each mission to give seminars and see the mental health of all the Elders. So he traveled all over Mozambique, giving seminars. He explained each color and each type of person is one of these colors. There is red-power, blue-Emotions, yellow-fun, and white- more shy and whatever type of attitude. The title of the book he wrote is called: The Color Code by Taylor Hartman. He has a website. I would suggest looking at the book and the website. We got a challenge from our mission president too. He gave us the challenge of reading the book of Mormon in one transfer, or six weeks. It starts a week from this Thursday. I would like to give you all the challenge of doing that. It's like 13 pages a day.
I am going to do it.
The weather has been alright. Not really hot but not really cold.
Yesterday it rained a lot. That’s about it. I think after this transfer, I am leaving Beira. Manga and Munhava are neighborhoods of Beira but still part of the actual city of Beira. I am in my third transfer in Munhava. I spent 4 in Manga so I am in my 7th transfer in the Beira area. I spent 4 in Chimoio and 2 in Maputo. So far 11 transfers out of Maputo. Chimoio is not a whole lot to the north, more to the west of Beira, by Zimbabwe. I think I will go to Tete or Nampula which are way north, or just go to Maputo to die. (just kidding!)We get transfers next Monday. So I will know then.

So we were walking with a member and he told us that there might be a house for us to live in Munhava. So we go to the house and it is a really nice house. We saw the outside and we looked in through the windows. The house had tile floors and the rooms look big. We have to wait for Elder Bonini to get back from Marromeu to see if we can get it. He is the first counselor in the mission presidency.
While at the church, a member, Nicole, came for the piano class my comp was teaching. And I was right outside the door on a chair. She said “I don’t want to go in. It’s like hell inside". It gets really hot inside the church. I thought it was really funny how an African understands sarcasm. Ha-ha

There was also a smart aleck we taught. Ha-ha. We were talking about God in a lesson, so I am asking who God is. There are 4 people there.

So I ask the first three and they say he is our father. I ask the last, Linda, who he is. She says our father and I tell her she can’t say that and that she has to say something else. So she says our uncle. You could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Ha-ha.

I went on a division with Elder Anderson this past week. We were given a coke and an orange fanta. We mixed the two drinks and surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. Ha-ha. We also found someone who collects money. He has all these bills from different countries taped under glass. I tried to buy some but he said no. I am kind of tempted to give him a one dollar bill to put it up there. If I do, I will get a picture.
I have been having some serious problems with my stomach and worms but things are getting better…I hope!
Have a good week. I love you all.

Elder Sirrine