Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 73

I have not gotten my packages yet. But a missionary couple should be coming up in the next couple weeks so hopefully they will have them.

So this has been a good week. Last week, I was able to obtain these amelikite necklaces. They have these green stones. They are very beautiful. They only cost 7 bucks a piece. Once at home, I need someone to check them out. I got 2 of them. I also got a little table made out of solid Ebony wood. It is so beautiful. You will all have to wait till I get home to see it - ha-ha.

So I had the chance to make mozambiquan blocks to build a house this past week. What they do is they get rocks and sand and make a pile. They put in a little bit of cement and water and use a shovel to mix it.  Then they get this metal mold to actually make the block. They pile the sand in and pick it back up and slam it down to help settle the sand. They put on another scoop of sand and beat it down with the shovel and get rid of the extra loose stuff on the top. They then bring the mold over and take it out of the mold. They just do this over and over again. It was actually fun to do.

We were at a member’s house this week and his little sister started crying and he didn’t do anything to help her. We ask him "are you going to do anything?'". He tells us "I don’t know what to do"/ People here sometimes, Wow. Ha-ha. They don’t know how to take care of people. Ha-ha

So some people in our house got some packages this past week. And they were just packed full of sweets. They actually had brownie mix, cake mix, snickers, and full of American goodness. We ate most of it. I realize how good stuff from home is and how much I really miss it. It was so good!

So we were waiting at the chapa stop, waiting to go home. And like 15 feet away, a chapa stops to drop some people off. A drunk guy tries to get on and the money collector, or cobarador, grabs him by his shirt. The guy keeps trying to get on and gets pushed off. We see him fly from the chapa into a patch of grass. We don’t see him for like 5 minutes because the patch of grass was in a little ravine. He gets back up and just walks off. All 4 of us just break out laughing. It was so funny to see.

So the church is doing a new program for the missionaries. Anytime you train new missionaries, you will be with him for at least 2 transfers. They will have a DVD program to have another hour of comp study. So you watch a church provided DVD, on a church provided DVD player. But on our mission, for now, President Spendlove wants every companionship to do it, training or not. So for now, I get to watch some DVDs. I watched the district, which is a film the church did following missionaries in California. I don’t ever want to hear missionaries from the states, or most other mission, saying they don't have anything. That is a lie. You may not have a lot of people to teach, but you have everything else. Here in Mozambique, we do have a lot of people to teach, but we have very little of anything else. I will explain more in person in 7 months or so to people if they would like to hear.

So we have a Zimbabwean girl in our branch. Her name is Nicole, and she speaks English very well and Portuguese. We started teaching her mom about the gospel. We were able to mark her for baptism. We don’t have an exact date for her. But when we sit with her again this week, we will hopefully set one

I live with two other elders from my MTC district, and one who came in 6 weeks after us. We were talking and realized me and the elder 6 weeks behind me, Elder Finlayson, could get our flight plans while serving here in Munhava. So we kind of got somewhat excited you could say. ahah

Here, they have these tiny little birds that they hunt. They then de-feather them and deep fry them. We bought one just to take pictures of it. It’s a very greasy little bugger. Ha-ha

Other than that, have a good week. I love you all.
The one and only, Elder Sirrine