Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 75

Life here in Munhava..... Haha where do I start. Ha-ha. Here there are tons of inactive members and we are trying to get them all back to church. Munhava is right next to Beira. I’m closer to Beira than I was in Manga. The edge of my area is next to the city. I am in a very small area. Smallest of my mission. I don’t have to walk an hour and a half to get to it. But I do have to catch a chapa, and all that stuff which takes almost an hour to do. We walk here. Only a few areas in the mission have bikes. And I am not one of those areas. My health is fine. I have gotten some rashes on my feet, but they are gone.

So I had an interesting week. On Friday, we went to the universal church. We worked in the morning. So we had some time at night. We are sitting in the very back. The "pastor" walks in, and starts yelling. He is telling people to come into the front. They are “praying". He tells them to lift up their arms and point to their house, and pray to God to protect. The dude is yelling and throwing holy water. People are freaking out. The guys little minions are "casting out devils" people fall. I felt sad for the people. I believe people were having devils cast into them if anything. At one point, the main guy was bringing some people who were sitting behind the people standing. We are sitting down farther back. The "pastor" is telling them to come up front. He looks at us and he doesn’t even say a thing to us. I believe he knew he was doing something wrong.

So last week, we see these tons of white people at Shoprite (Africa’s Wal-Mart). They were from this church thingy. The best thing was hearing there American accents. There are tons of white Africans who speak with a British accent, but not a lot of Americans. It’s weird to see other white people. The main white people we see are missionaries. So it’s not weird to see them, but others, it is. Ha-ha.

So I learned last week, someone I marked a baptismal date with in Manga, was having sex with a Muslim guy. So I received the shocking news. I felt really bad. I thought she was a really sweet person, but words are deceiving.

So we were using our GPS to find some houses. We typed in a wrong number and ended walking about 4 miles in the wrong direction. We stopped at the house the GPS was pointing at the house. We ask if the people are there and the old lady was like, I don’t know these people. We looked at the GPS again, at the coordinates. And we realize the mistake. It was kind of annoying, but funny at the same time. Ha-ha

The weather here is so hot. We looked at the weather and it’s supposedly going to be in the 90s all week. More swamp crack, here I come. Yayyssss. Not!

So I walked with an Elder Walker. He is a bigger boy. We were walking and I was in front. People are yelling “the one in front is a little big, but the other being is really big". He is in his first transfer and out of the MTC. So he is a biggie.

These like 10 year old girls were deciding whose husbands we were. They were like this one is mine, no he is mine, and the other is yours. IT was so funny.

That’s about it. I love you all. Have a good week

Elder Sirrine