Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 80

Just like the subject line says, I GO HOME SIX MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!
So this has been a good week. We have been finding lots of new investigators. It’s amazing how people in Mozambique will listen to you. But really most of the time, they really don’t want to listen or do anything. But still we are able to sit with people. We got 5 new investigators this past week. So hopefully we will be able to work with them. We also marked a baptismal date with an investigator. His name is Renato. We marked him for January 14. So I am really excited for him. We had district conference this pas t weekend and he went to all the meetings that happened. So he is a champ.

Speaking of district conference, we had a surprise visit. Elder Soares, form the seventy and area presidency, was there. On Saturday morning, he had a special meeting with the missionaries. He mainly talked on how are calls were inspired of God to serve. We were called in the pre-existence to serve here in Mozambique at this time. He told us of how we were called here when you did your papers. You have the bishop’s interview. In it, he looks into your eyes, and after the interview, he writes down his impressions of you. Then it’s off to the stake president. He does the same thing the Bishop does. Then off to the missionary department of the church. There is this big room with a projector and a computer. Projected on the wall are your picture, the missions, the stuff the bishop and the Stake president wrote, and information about you. Then someone from the quorum of the twelve apostles or the first presidency comes in. He looks into the missionary candidates eyes. He gets to know you even though you are not there. He ten receives revelation on where you should go.
Here is my weekly report on Ana's little brother. So one day we get there. We sit down outside because the houses are too hot to sit in, and he starts throwing garlic and mango seeds at us. It was funny. Then Ana gets up and takes him inside and we are hearing " ow, ow, ow" for like 30 seconds, and some sobbing. Ana comes back out. We start talking to her and her brother opens a window and is like "suka!!" or dialect for " go away" or "nao quero" or " I don’t want too!!" in Portuguese for some reason. We hear him laughing. He then comes out with a little slingshot. He goes to this tied up goat out in the front yard. That’s a pretty common sight actually, tied up goats in front yards. Elton, the brother, is looking for rocks. He grabs one, puts it in his slingshot, and shoots the goat. The goat freaks out. Then he looks for another rock and does it again. After shoots it, he runs away laughing his head off. After a few times, the goat gets up n two legs like he is going to ram him. Elton freaks out every time he sees it and runs off then comes and does the same thing. It’s hilarious. He may sound like a brat, but he is so funny.
We ran into an investigators drunken dad at their house. So we just talk to him. He is explaining where he works. He like “you go here to left to the right, blah blah blah" Then he’s like " well completely forget, you just go here". Hahahah. It was funny. Elder Sessions and I just were cracking up.
We go to a member’s house, and we see this goat hanging upside died, with his throat gashed open. These people are goat farmers. So we just watched them skin it for a few minutes. They burn the hide and make it into type of food to eat. It’s kind of like a jerky you could say, but not at the same time.
WE had this really bad bridge to cross because we got lost in our area. I broke one part when we were crossing.
One of our new investigators parents are actually married. A majority of the people here just live with each other. But his parents are actually married. So we ask them why they are. And the husband actually said “because I love my wife". I was shocked by his response. I Thought he would say I don’t know or something. I was really surprised. But he’s a good guy though. We are trying to teach him too. We were shown his house by Itelvino, a member in our branch. We call him "Rhino man". He has a shave head besides a little patch in the front which butts out like a rhino horn. And he is pretty ripped too.
A member who was raised in Zimbabwe, who speaks English very well, told us what she wants to do. She is going to college to be an ambassador. She speaks English and Portuguese, is learning French and Arabic, and will learn to speak Chinese and Spanish. We asked her if she wants to work in Mozambique. Right away she said" No!” Lots of other Africans don’t like this country. But I think it is amazing what she wants do. She actually has a dream. She wants to do something with her life.
At another place, a person said “I don’t like the Catholics. They break the commandments. The bible says not to worship other idols, but they do. I think most people who go to that church don’t know what they are doing." I was actually surprised. This country is full of Catholics. Ha-ha
One last thing. PACKAGE!!!!!!! I got a package. It’s the one with the shirts, shorts and that stuff. THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!! I love you
I love you all. Have a good week.