Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 79

The school in the fall is what I want to do. So if you do that, I would appreciate it. Here they actually do have turkey but it’s really expensive. We were going to have a dinner with a mission couple but they are busy. So we are going to but a pumpkin and make pumpkin and make a pie with it. So we will be at least doing something for Thursday. I am grateful for everyone in the family and the support they give me. I really am grateful for it.
So the other day we had to catch a chapa home. Going to the stop to catch it, this guy tells me he needs to talk to me. But the chapa gets there. I tell him we got to go. So he’s like I'll get in front and you two get in the back. So we get on. Like 100 feet past, he tells the chapa to stop and gets off. He doesn’t say a single word. So he wasted it.

5 metacals for nothing. I think he was most likely drunk or a little crazy. But it was actually pretty funny. On the same chapa ride, we see the other 2 Munhava elders in another chapa in front of us. The guy who was collecting money in our chapa, tells the driver to hurry.

So our two chapas were racing each other to where we get off. Just to let you know, if you think chapa drivers are normally crazy, just wait till you go on one while it’s racing. Still fun and we won. HAHAHA!

So we tried a new pizza place last week. The pizza was alright but the service sucked. Another elder went there like 4 days before and it was 240 metacals. We go there and its 280 metacals. So in like days, the priced climbed up a lot. And it took forever to get the pizza. We won’t be going there again.

We had another fun incident with an investigators brother. We get there and he grabs this huge pole from somewhere. He runs over to the bathroom where another sister is taking a shower. He starts hitting it. You can hear the sister yelling at him to go away. He comes running past us with a stick, laughing his head off. He is so funny.His sister, the one we are teaching, Should be getting baptized December 10. She also has a little daughter. She is like a year and a half old. One time she walks out the door, see's us, freezes and has this funny look on her face, turns around, and walks back inside. It was so cute to see her do that and funny.

There was another funeral for our branch. I don’t know how it went because I was on a division with Elder Walker who walks in Beira 1. It was a good division. We taught some good lessons that helped them a lot.

I had to talk A lot because Elder Walker is only in his 2nd transfer.

But he’s doing well.

On another division that same week, we walked with the zone leader, Elder Peterson. At a house we acted like he was brand new and couldn’t speak the language. He was asking us how to say some words. I was barely able not to laugh. Cristina, the girl we were teaching, did not understand the joke. But it was so funny.

I love you all so much. I really am grateful for everyone. Have a good week.