Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 77

Daylight savings time....... psssshhhhh... yeah right. This country doesn’t do anything like that. They don’t change, especially most of the people. Ha-ha.

So my comp is Elder Sessions. He is from Las Vegas. He was in my district in the MTC, one of the 14 with me coming here. He was one of the marines. This is our second transfer together. He likes to make everything go the way he wants, but I am trying to let him be in charge if it’s what he wants.

It’s getting flipping hot here. It’s in the 90 or higher everyday almost. Plus, it’s really humid here. But it did pour rain here 2 times last week. There is a big open poop sewer type of thing that goes through our area, and they had this big scooper machine. It had a big shovel on it. They were scooping out what the old poop and all this garbage in order to make it deeper for the rain. But when they scooped some out, the water already there filled it halfway up. There were all these little kids so amazed because of the machine. It was surprising they were actually doing something to help with the rains. So all week we have had to find new trails in order to get to people’s houses. We found allot, but we had a very wet few days.

Lest week an elder in the house bought some crabs. I was the only one we knew how to cook them. So they all wanted to learn how to cook. So I taught them. The crabs were still alive and in the water, they would wiggle for a second and then die. But they ended up being pretty good. It was food to eat something else besides beans and rice. Ha-ha. That’s really what I ate last week. Beans and rice all week. Ha-ha

So we were at a member’s house. Her little son brings out this pillow. The grandma comes running out, grabs the pillow, hit the little kid, shakes her head, and leaves. Ha-ha. It was so funny to see. The kid looks around, and then runs off and continues to play. Later during the lesson, her husband comes in. His name is Omar, who is also the second counselor in the branch presidency. He was talking to her and called her "love". It was the first time I have heard someone called love on the mission. It was great to hear.

We marked with some new people last week. We ended up walking like an hour to get to their house. We learn they don’t even live in our branch limits. They live in the branch of Manga 2. But we did walk on the main highway of Beira. I don’t think that’s very legal in the United States, but it was actually pretty fun.

With the rainstorms, we lost power. It was because an electricity pole fell over. But the electric company actually came the next day. They fix the pole. But they just taped all the wires. So they aren’t really the best people to fix the cables. But hey, we have energy now so I can sleep in the hot mozambiquan nights. Ha-ha

At an investigators house, she had this huge puddle in the front of the house. She has like a 3 year old brother. He runs out of the house naked, and starts playing in the water. He was rolling and just laughing his head off. His sister got really mad and was like "get over here, go put some clothes on". Then he ran off. Ha-ha. It was so funny.
In Munhava, there’s a cobblestone road. These two guys were kicking this ball back and forth, going down the road. One misses the ball, and this man stops it for him. The guy who missed the ball freaks out on him, and says" don’t touch our ball, blah blah blah". So he kicks the ball back to his friend who misses it too. This car comes honking his horn, runs over the ball. The car keeps on going. One starts running after the car. He never caught it. They were like " ha de pagar", or "he is going to buy us a new one". These were full grown men who acted like little kids. But that made my day. Ha-ha
We were actually told by a woman that she would have to see about being baptized. That was the first time I have heard that on the mission. But it was actually really great to hear that. Who would have known that someone saying no to baptism would be so nice? Ha-ha

Well that’s about it. I love you all and have a good week.--

Elder Sirrine - The one and only