Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 81

21 BABY!!!!!!! Can you tell Aunt Karen that I will have her in my prayers. For the call, I was thinking we can do the same thing we did last year. I will call get a sim card here, call you. Then you call me back with a phone card you buy. I was thinking we can talk on the 26. I was thinking I will call at like 8pm here on the 26th. That’s my idea.

So this has been a good working week in Munhava. We found 13 new investigators this week. Most of them were people that called us over, we gave them pamphlets, and remarked with them. They were in that new area we got I told you about a few weeks ago. We have had lots of success in that area. We also heard that an investigator that has a baptismal date ran away. Her just got up and left. People think he might be somewhere also in Munhava. No one really knows where he is. He is from the city of Quelimane which is up north. Hopefully he is ok.
So we started to teach a members family. The father is actually married. He got married in 1958. He fought for the Portuguese when the war of independence, and was drafted by Frelimo in the civil war. Frelimo is the group that won control to be the government. Most people don't get married but live with the person they are dating and have kids. The dad said "I don't know why they don’t get married. They are stupid. Marriage is a good thing". And they have a daughter who has a kid but not married that said "like me!” it was so funny. The dad is 68 years old but looks 35-40 years ole. They have a son who is like 42 but looks 25. It really weird how young they look.
We have another investigator. Her neighbor is like 8 and has Down syndrome. Most people here make fun of them for their disabilities, but the neighbor to him doesn't. The mom actually knows he has a problem. She treats him nice and shows him love. It’s truly amazing to see a mom who actually loves their children. It doesn’t happen a lot here at all. There is an inactive member, I think I have told you about him, but he has a son who lives on the road. The kid is 14. The dad, Matateu, is worried about him. He goes out almost every day to try and find him. It’s amazing to see parents who care about their kids.
At another member, we went there to talk to him. He is an old man. His name is Cimbal. We were talking to him about Matateu actually. He asked "is he skinny and ride a bike" and we say "yes". He then tells us “wait a second" and goes inside. We think he is getting a picture or something. He comes out with shoes and socks and says: where is his house". We tell him we don’t have time and we mark to show him on Saturday. We leave and we remember we already had something on Saturday. So we go back to unmark with him. As we get back, he is outside leaving to go find this guys house. It was so funny. He was going to look for this guy. Great man.
I almost forgot. We found DR.PEPPER here. There is a gas station that is based out of America and they sell them. We had lots of fun with them. AMERICA!!!!

Well that’s about it. I love you all