Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 85

First things first. Mom, can you update the blog. I have had some...... complaints from people. haha. Just think, I will be home in like four and a half months. So no more epmty nest. ha.

We had some trainings. One was with President Spendlove, and the second was with Elders Hartman and Callahan. Elder hartman is a psicolgist and has written a book on colrs and your personality. I will get the book title for you guys and its a must buy. Just to let you know I am a Blue mixed with Red. And I am not crazy. The thinng is, is that it's so true. And after, they were giving some interviews and I just talked to there wives for a while. A Blackner married the Hartman’s niece. So they might know Bishop Blackner.

I got a good buy last week. We were walking around and I saw an Arizona Diamonbacks hat. It’s a brand new hat which is normally like $30. But I got it for 50 metacals. This is less than $2. So I got a really good deal on it.

Last week, we bought sting ray from the beach and ate it. We cut off the skin, battered it, and then fried it. It surprisingly tasted really good. It had the taste of fish, but barely. It really tasted like chicken. I will send you some pictures of it. I would highly suggest eating it.

Nicole, a member in Munhava, got a puppy. It is so cute. Its name is boxer. I was playing with it and it bit up my arm. Ha-ha

For one of the trainings, we were going to go to a restaurant. Its lisboeats. And the zone conference went a little over. And the zone leaders had to call to tell them we would be late. And I guess the lady got really mad. So once we got there, she just freaks out on us and is yelling. I just stayed outside and let the zone leaders take care of it. Portuguese women can get very mad and things can start flying. Ha-ha. But they did turn on ESPN for us and there were hunting shows on.

So we had a very good Sunday. We had a frequency of 115, 10 investigators, and 4 people who we contacted earlier in the week came. So it was a very good Sunday for us. That day I was feeling really sick. So I thought "great, going to be a long day". There was only like 15 at the start of the meeting. We had no investigators there. I was sick, mad, and fed up with people. But by the end of the meeting, we had lots of good things.

We met a Zimbabwean whose name is "anyway". Yeah its " anyway". Africans give the weirdest names to people. Ha-ha

Well that’s it. Until next Monday. I love you all