Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 78

There are few people here in Mozambique who celebrates the holidays. Most can’t afford it. But those who can don’t have trees or anything like that. They just buy lots if food. Here, the bigger you are, the richer you tend to be. So that’s how they show if they have money. I think besides candy, something like crayons and coloring books would be great for them. I think they would enjoy that.
Well I hope Bella gets better. Has she gotten all her shots recently too? Kind of curious.

So this past Friday we went to a funeral. A member’s dad died. So he wanted another church to run it. But they never showed up. We were there to comfort but ended up we ran the funeral. So we all get in this truck with a huge bed. There's like 30 people. We go to the hospital to go pick up the body. The hospital has a morgue too. So we see the body. All the women just start howling and crying. It was a pretty terrible thing to hear in all truth. They then put the body in the truck. When we get back to our trucks there is like 100 people there now. I was in the very back right up against the tailgate. A member, Madasta, was sitting on the tailgate. I was right up against him. So we drive for like an hour to get to the cemetery at the cemetery, after the service, they put the coffin in the hole. It’s a tradition to have every person out dirt in the hole. So like a hundred people each threw a handful of dirt in the hole. It was just a hassle. All of it was. I hope I don’t go to another one.

Last week we went to a new restaurant. It’s called "Galo verde" or "green rooster" They have really good hamburgers and fries. It’s right on the beach. It was a really nice experience. The owner’s son lives in Portugal, and works at McDonalds. I had to talk to him about it of course with my experience with McDonalds.
So we had someone last week just show up to church. So she was like yeah, I want to learn. So we started teaching her. Her name is Maria. We will see how she goes.

We met someone’s cousin. Omar our second counselor in the branch presidency is from the Congo. So he speaks French. We passed by his house and his nephew, who is also from the Congo, was there. He started speaking French with us. The thing I actually caught a few words he was saying. It’s actually amazing how I understood a little.

So sometimes we cook a thing called Candy bread. Its pieces of bread dipped in boiling butter and condensed milk. Then you eat it. I don’t like to eat it. So I said no I am not going to eat it. The other 5 were trying to get me to eat it. After like 30 minutes, they out a few skittles on it. So I caved in and ate a piece of candy bread with skittles on it. Next time we make it, I will take a picture of it. I am pretty sure it’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Ha-ha.

So at Ana’s house, she is an investigator, her aunts friend was there. So was her like 4 year son. He is a little punk. He kept on interrupting us. And I was like can you be quiet. And he kept on saying " vou te dar porrato" or I am going to spank or thrash you. I was punked by like a 4 year old. But it was so funny. I couldn’t help but laugh. Ha-ha
So we have an investigator, Nando, who is a drunk. So is like his whole family. But for now he has stopped drinking. He is a very weak man. He stops drinking for like a week or two, and then starts drinking again. He has the drive to stop drinking, but due to all the temptations at home and his friends, he always falls back. So we pass by his house everyday to see how he is. Hopefully, he can stop drinking and live more in tune with the gospel. He is kind of the focus of our work right now.

Since it’s so hot here now, I am drinking like 3 to 5 liters of water a day. It’s been over 100 almost all week. Curse you mozambiquan weather. It’s just so hot here.
So our area was pretty much doubled. The other companionship in Munhava, one of the elders, Elder Finlayson, is the branch president. And so we wanted to help him a little bit. Our area was small, his was huge. He has a lot of responsibility with the branch, so we took over part of his area. I hope he can focus more on the branch now, and get that up and going, and we will do all this work...
So part of our area, this house has these 2 brand new puppies. We pass them everyday going to Nandos house. So we pet them and play with them. I want them to like humans, and not bite or bark like most other dogs here do. And I think I saw something for the first time. I saw a women give one of them food. I have never ever here seen any animal of any kind receive food. It was something really great to see.
Well that’s about it for now. I hope you all have a good week. I love you all. I would like pictures mom, of my " new guest room\old room'. Please...-

Elder Sirrine - The one and only