Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 84

Did you get an I-pad from Santa Claus? Well I am glad that you are getting Michelle to school. I can’t wait to go. New Years Eve was very loud. I tried to go to sleep before Midnight, and I almost did it.

Midnight rolled around and all these fireworks were going off. So I got to see the New Year roll in. Just so you know, my P-day will be on Tuesday next week because we have a psychologists elder dude coming from south Africa and we have a meeting with him as a zone on Monday.

So FYI.This week we got some new friends. There has been this dog just staying at our house for months. Then she left and was gone for a few days. While studying, we here a dog whining. And a woman is putting puppies in the garage here at the house. And now we have Puppies here.There are nine of them. Every once in awhile we give her food but we try not to because she is not our dog. If we give her too much food, than she will always stay here. We do our best.

This week we kind of felt like the sons of Mosiah. Yesterday, while working, this drunk said something about white people. There is tons of racism here. Africans dont like white people a whole lot and they dont like God a whole lot either. We get called whiteys all the time, made fun of all the time. SO I tell this guy, "what about white people" and he flips out. He is saying "white people don’t belong, we aren’t in bondage to your race anymore, get out of here you piece of crap (but really says the s-word in Portuguese)" and just tons of horrible things. I was so mad and never felt so bad in my life. We just took it and kept on walking. I was so close to saying something about how they were sold as slaves or in bondage to the whites for hundreds of years. But a representative of Christ shouldn’t say that. So I didn't

We went to the universal church twice last week. My comp had never gone before. So we went twice ha-ha. Just doing the same putting devils in people like the last time. The universal church is not a church, it’s a show. They do everything they do just to get attention and money. They take the Lord's name in vain and mess with it. How can you call that a church? DO you think the Holy Ghost resides in places where they yell? I think not.

While walking at night one time, I see this big old thing climb up this wall and I say "Elder Homer, did you see that" and he says "no".

The thing climbs back over the fence to our side. We get closer and it’s this baboon that's tied up. Elder Homer had never seen a wild one before so we take videos and pictures. That same day, we just took tons of pictures of the industrial zone of Beira because it’s our area.

It was fun. We also ran into the old branch president of Munhava that was excommunicated for starting his own church. We are supposed to be nice to him still.

We found an old inactive member that actually is coming back to church.

His name is Holindo, but he is living with his girlfriend. He says he has plans to get married. He actually seems like he would. They both work and they have an A/C unit in their house which most people don’t have. So we are going to work a lot with them.

In the past 2 weeks, we have had to drop 6 investigators. These people have not showed their desires so we are not going to waste our time with them. If you don’t show a desire, we are not going to sit with them. Not worth it.
We have found a person who has a basketball court at their house. We went there and the person wasn’t there but people in her family were so we played a few games of basketball with them.
I was also told not to take pictures by a drunken guy. He told me I can’t take a picture of the poorness here. What a joke.

Well that’s about it. Have a good week. Remember I will email you on Tuesday not Monday. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!
Elder Sirrine