Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 76

I can’t believe its Halloween again. I was staying at this house last Halloween, before I went to Chimoio. Time goes by so fast. Ha-ha if you want to send something for Christmas, little sweets for the kids would be awesome. Just do like you did with the last one, where you send a few things for the both of us. And something from the family, Letters would be sweet, and pictures. They are always good. Anything from you would be awesome. But it probably would be best to get it out by next week. The sooner the better.

So I met some Australians this past week. They were walking on the road, and stopped us. They told us that they were in Mozambique on vacation. Just so people know, DO NOT COME HERE ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!! Mozambique is not that good of a place. Trust me, it’s not fun here.

So I went on a few divisions this week. On one, we went to this place called Chota. It’s this place in the middle of nowhere. We were walking on this dirt road, and we see this open area. We keep walking and we see this huge monument. It’s dedicated to the "hero’s of Mozambique". I will send some pictures and you will see how it is. It’s weird.

We passed by a members house. We saw his 3 year old kid throwing a little coconut up in the air, and when it was falling he would just laugh his head off. It was so funny. Then he would jump up and fall on purpose. He was having the time of his life. The boring life of a mozambiquan 3 year old. Ha-ha

On another division with Elder Finlayson, he told a little girl that her eyes were big. The girl looks at him and starts screaming her head off. All the little kids around were laughing their heads off. Funny time.

We were stopped by a woman with a baptismal certificate. She stopped us and asked if it’s from our church. We say yes. She then tells us that her son who was baptized died 4 years ago. So we go to their house. We talk to them. They wanted our church to dedicate the grave. They didn’t even know he was a member of the church until recently. They were looking at his things. So we had some members of the branch go and dedicate the grave on Sunday morning. We go to their house yesterday right after church and the family is just plastered. The dad came and was like “I can’t understand what you are saying". So we left. It was a very weird few days.
I saw my first baby blessing here in Mozambique. 17 months on the mission and I finally see one.

On Saturday we were cleaning the church. We see all these ants bundled together on the wall. So we get some baygon, or the bug killer, and spray it. They just slide off the wall dead. It was pretty funny to see.

Well that’s about it for this week. I love you all.

Elder Sirrine