Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 80

I talked to the elders and they would love being able to go out to eat. So that would be great. They said they would love you forever and ever if you did that.

So we invited the Boninis over. They are that Brazilian couple that is serving here. We invited them over for lunch. We had fried chicken sandwiches and fries. We were talking and Elder Bonini said “yeah, in a year and 20 days, we go home. My mission is already over". That was a kind of you had to be there to think it’s funny. The Bonini's are so funny. Elder Bonini's birthday is the 9th of this month and mine is the 11th. So he was like “let’s have a beach bask to celebrate our birthdays. Only the best are born in December". Ha-ha so we are going to have a beach bask for my B-day. Ha-ha. Sister Bonini said she would make us all sweets on Christmas. NICE!!!!!
Riding a chapa this past week, I was sitting next to this young woman. All of a sudden she puts her head out the window and she throws up. Somehow, some got on her arm and says “I am not feeling too good. I got to leave." So she gets some paper, wipes her arm off, and leaves. It was really disgusting but I had to check that box of almost getting puked on. Ha-ha
To get from Shoprite to home, we catch a taxi. We go 3 and 3 to make it easy to get home. The two groups get in at the same time and we tell the drivers the first person to get to our house gets the full price and the second only gets half. SO they did a race. Taxi drivers were always crazy but when the race its worse. Ha-ha. Cutting off people, almost hitting others. But we won. The second driver still got paid the same price. It was really fun.
We have zone conference last week. We learned about how Mormon mentions the money system in Alma, is proof the book of Mormon is true. President Spendlove did a study on it. It was pretty much the same as the ancient Egyptians. There was no way Joseph Smith could have created it. President said “I have a PhD elders, and there is no way I could have even thought of it". Proof baby!!

We had Sister Spendlove come over and eat brownies with us. It was pretty cool. I love the Spend loves. I always make fun of them because I go home before them. By the end of their mission, they will have spent 5 years here. They served a 2 year mission here before. Presidents serve for 3 years.
I met my first Zambian this past week. He speaks, or tries, English. He asked us “where are we coming from" like " where are we from". Silly Africans, they try to speak English, but they don’t.
On a division with Beira 1, this old guy we were teaching, Antionio, lied. Before he told the missionaries he was 19, then I asked him how old he was and he said "100, I can show you my documents." it was so funny.

So yesterday we learned the old branch President of Manga 3, and likely current of Manga 1 died. President Mafuro. I don’t know how he died. This week the funeral will happen but I don’t know when. We will try and go.

Well have a good week. I love you all.

Elder Sirrine