Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 37


You think it’s been long or you! Ha-ha. To me it seems like I have been gone forever, but at the same time, time has FLOWN by! I have already been here in Chimoio for three months. I will probably stay until April or the beginning of May. I wouldn’t mind staying here. I love it here. We will find out if I’m leaving here in about two or three weeks.

Good job on getting that award at work, I’m proud of you.

Looks like the beach was really fun. The beaches here are not anything like that in Washington. Washington beaches aren’t filled with garbage. Haha! When I get home, we have to go to the beach. And to lots of other places too.

No packages yet. But did you send the other yet?

This past week has been really boring actually. I think I am just used to things here in Mozambique. Ha-ha

One of the couple missionaries came this past week. And they brought us brand new mattresses. Like real ones. They are so nice. I feel like I’m sleeping at home. Ha-ha. They also took us out to dinner. They really are so nice. The restaurants we went to were really fancy and they paid for everything. One of our waiters was really annoyed for some reason. I thought chill out dude. Hehehaha.

I have been called as the........ Primary president here in Chimoio. We don’t have any women here who can be the president. So I was called. Ha-ha. So I have to prepare all the lessons and stuffs. Funny right ha-ha

Friday night, walking back home, we walk by this church. And the pastor guy was casting out a demon from some lady. It was kind of..... Weird to see. Ha-ha that really was the highlight of the week.

Can you update the blog for people? Please. Thank you.

I love you all so much. Have a good week

Elder Sirrine

Week 36

Hello Family,

I hope everything is well at home. I am doing really well here in Chimoio, Mozambique.

Send it to Maputo. It will take awhile to get to me but it’s better to wait and get than not getting it right?

Last week, we had the chance to go to Beira for a mission conference. And Elder Scott from the quorum of the twelve was there. He is such a cool man. We all lined up in rows and he shook our hand, and asked where we are from. I told him Bonney Lake, Washington. He asked me where is that by, I told him Seattle. Then he told me Washington is a very beautiful state and that I am lucky to live there. So for all you Washingtonians, we just got complimented from an Apostle of the Lord. He also told us that we are the second highest baptizing mission in the church. The Rio de Janeiro north mission is the only higher mission. Ant they only have an average of 1 more baptism a month than us. That’s so cool.

Last Saturday, we had service at a member’s house. We collected sand and rocks for the house that there building. We all got burnt to a crisp. But it was so cool to do it. After, they took us out to eat. Awesome!

Last week, I made fried chicken like how mom makes it. Everybody loved it. I think it’s the new hit of the house. They want me to make it again. But I don’t have money to make it again. Ha-ha. Looks like they will have to live without it.

At a new investigator, her mom comes barging in the door, completely drunk. And she plops herself right next to me, and starts touching me. And I scoot over away from her. So does she to me. She is calling me Brazilian and white. It was so funny. But the investigator was so embarrassed. I actually felt kind of bad for her.

I have a question mom. Do you think you and dad both can send me wedding dates, dates of passing away, dates of birth for your parents and then their parents. I am going to teach a family history class in a couple weeks and I thought it would be goodif I could tell them about my family history too.

I dont really know why i have been homesick, but this past week i have been tons better. So no need to worry about me.

Pictures next week of Pacific Beach would be awesome. I would love that.

That’s about it this week, I love you all. Be safe!

Elder Sirrine

Week 35

PPPPPPIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! There were reports that Somalia pirates took control of a boat off the Mozambique coast. And the boat had packages for care for life. And my package was most likely on it. I got a call from one of the people that works there. And he told me to have you email the receipt with the company name on it. I think he might be recovering the stuff. His email is: XXXXXXXX the 2 is the at symbol. Make sure you don’t let anyone else see his email please make sure you send him email once you get this. please please please. This way I might get my package when I’m in Beira. That’s cool you guys will paint the house. I´m going to be coming home to a house with a new color. Going to be cool to see it. But this really will be dads last time doing the yard alone. I’ll be back in may of next year and I could still help do the yard than too. Thanks for the sport updates. Kind of sad about the Seahawks, but they did do better than the cowboys. Ha-ha. But hopefully both teams will do good next year. That’s really cool Matthew bought a new car. Now he only needs to find a wife. Ha-ha just kidding. This means Michelle will have to learn how to drive a stick. Should be fun to teach her. Ha-ha. I’m glad to hear about the job interview for Chris. I hope he gets it. You need to tell them all to email me. I haven’t gotten emails from any of them in a few weeks. In the next package, I really want that gray backpack of mine, my magi flashlight, smaller white shirts; flossy thingies from Wal-Mart, pictures, a laundry stick cleaner that can clean sweat stains form white shirts, Deodorant (old spice) from America, like old spice. The deodorant really sucks from here. More basketball shorts because mine aren’t doing to good. And dad will know where this is. But the type of journal paper that he uses. I’m starting to get low on mine. So that would be awesome. And some recipes. I think that is about it for that. Last week, we played basketball here in the city. We had some members from the group and some investigators ply with us. It was really fun. It was so hot. Almost my whole shirt was covered in sweat. I felt like I just left a sauna or something. It was about 100 degrees here band about 95% humidity. Than at about 5, it starts POURING down rain. Like literally pouring. There was tons of thunder and lightning too. We called President Spendlove to see if we should go out, and he said no. luckily we didn’t because there were thunder strikes all around our house. It was so scary.
This week I have really been home sick. I don’t know why. It’s been worse than it was at Christmas. I don’t know why. I realized this past week that last Monday, the 10th of January was my 1 year mark of my stake president’s interview for my mission papers. Time went by so fast. This week kids were crying because I was stopped at their house teaching there families. It was really funny. They were legitimately scared of me. Ha-ha. I figured out that when you send me pictures through email, I can save them to my flash drive, and I could print them here instead of you guys doing it at home and sending them. So could you guys send me pictures of Christmas or anything through email? This week, here in the city I bought $100 basketball shoes for $27. I got such a good deal on them. They’re all leather and everything. We had 2 more baptisms last week. So the church is growing for sure here a ton. It’s so cool.I am in charge of the missionaries here. I’m the District leader here. So I report to the assistants, and they report to the President. So I feel pretty important. Ha-ha we also got 12 new investigators this week. It’s amazing how willing people here are to listen to the gospel. I am always amazed. This week in Beira, I will see Elder Scott from the quorum of the twelve apostles. So that is going to be so COOL!!!! I’m so excited. And hopefully I get that package from the pirates too. That would be pretty cool to say my package was stolen by pirates. Or if I do get it, to say my package was on a Pirate ship. Hahira Until next week, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Elder Sirrine

Week 34

Hello my peeps 10,500 miles away!

So first off. Mom, I contacted people at the care for life. And they said my package hasn’t arrived. So I think that it is most likely lost. So I don’t know if I will get it when I go to Beira next week, can you look at the status this week and let me know what it is? I keep stressing over it. Next Christmas, I think you probably shouldn’t send a package for me because I’ll be home soon after. That would make thing so much easier I think. Then maybe when I get home, I can have a double Christmas in May!!! Exciting, right?
I’m so glad to hear about the Seahawks. I just hope they can keep it together and beat the bears. That would be so cool! Maybe they can win the super bowl.

Last week, we played pool. It was so fun. I realize how bad I am at it. But it was still really fun. Yesterday we had 93 people at church. That the most people that have ever been to church here in Chimoio. I think it’s because school is starting and the holidays are done. Hopefully the church can still grow here in Chimoio.
So we had transfer meeting last week. Imp staying here in Chimoio with the same comp. But I am district leader. So I am in charge of five other missionaries. It’s kind of intimidating. I am the boss in the hose. Me and another elder here did a mock transfer. It was so fun. Surprisingly we got some of them right. I was really surprised.

We have two more baptisms this coming week. They are Dino and Pedro. (Vote for Pedro. ha-ha) they are two teenagers that are really smart. It’s awesome. Yesterday two of our newest investigators brought four of their friends to church. So we taught them all yesterday. It’s amazing that the teenage population here is so interested here to learn. And I realized that the little kids here have a fear of white people. They see me coming and they bolt off screaming.

I learned this week that there are only two missions in the church that are farther away than Mozambique. Madagascar and the French reunion islands off the coast off Madagascar. So imp a little bit of distance from home right?
Yesterday, we went to a part of our area that is an hour walk both ways. By the time we left it was already dark. So we walked through the African jungle in the pitch black. The thing is here, it doesn’t get dark over time. It could be light and then all of a sudden, BAM!!!!, it is night here. So it was a little scary.

That’s about it for now. Mom, can you send me pictures in the emails from Christmas. PLEASE. And check the status for the package and let me know.

I love you all so much. Thanks for the support.

Elder Sirrine

Week 33

Hi mom and everybody!

New years here was pretty good. We were only allowed to be out till like 6 in the evening. The temperature here on Christmas was about 105 degrees and 80% humidity, and New Years was about the same. So it’s been really hot here. I have been sweating like crazy. There were TONS of drunken people on the road. That why we had to come home early for. We stayed up till midnight and we watched the New Year come in here. Mozambique’s take it so granted that the new comes in. I think they are so grateful for just having another year of life.

That’s not good about the van. I hope it gets fixed.

No packages yet. I was thinking can you check the status of the package on the internet. I have been stressing a lot about my package. I hope I get it when I go to Beira in a couple weeks. And you know when you called and said you might send another package to Maputo, well if you haven’t already, there is a few things I need. A laundry stick cleaner that can clean sweat stains form white shirts, Deodorant from America, like old spice. The deodorant really sucks from here. More basketball shorts because mine aren’t doing to good. And dad will know where this is. But the type of journal paper that he uses. I’m starting to get low on mine. So that would be awesome. Another elder I was talking to said ups gets to Maputo really fast. And it’s only like 40 or 50 dollars for it. So maybe you can try that. And maybe recipes too.

This week I read Jacob 5. It took two days of study time for it. My brain is still a little confused about. Ha-ha.

I and another elder went lizard hunting from the water tower at our house. We would take our sandals and throw it at them to see if we could hit them. We have tons of little lizards around our house. We didn’t kill one but it was still fun regardless.
I also got a new plaque because my other normal one broke. So that’s always good.

How did people get sick at home?

Yesterday I gave a talk at church. It was the first time I have ever given a talk at church. I was nervous but I still was able to do it.

I was told if you guys come pick me up when I go home, you might have to pay for my way home. But I’m not sure I will find out later.

This week, at one of our investigators house, his 4 year old sister said to me ª elder Sirrine, you are my white manª it was so funny. She is just a little girl. I couldn’t help but laugh. This week I also changed a car battery. The people didn’t know how too. So it was nice to get my hands dirty a little with work.

On the 31st, we went to somebody’s house that lives out in the boonies. All six of the elders went. And she fed us. She fed us GAZELLE!!! It was SSSSSOOOOOO GGGGOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!! I love it. It tastes a lot like beef. I want to eat it again.

When we were going there, people were trying to sell us fireworks. But then they saw the police. I guess it’s illegal here for any random person to sell fireworks. You have to be a vendor. So they all ran and hide. It was so funny to see.

Yesterday we had 4 baptisms. Two of them were from our area. So the church here is growing for sure. It’s amazing how much they want to hear the gospel in this country. And on the way back were riding in the back of the truck. And I was in the very back. And we hit this hole in the road, and I fell out. Luckily I tucked and rolled. My elbow got scratched up and that’s it. Picture will be attached. And I also ate cow leg yesterday. It was NASTY! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Well that’s about it this week. Make sure you have a good week. And let me know about the package info.

I love you all,

Elder Sirrine