Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 32

Note: As a Christmas gift to the 6 Elders in Jacob's house, we put money in his bank account and told him to take all of them out to a nice dinner. They went to best restaurant in Chimiao. They had a fancy dinner for all 6 for about $70 USD. What a treat! Here are some pictures:
Hello Mom,

It was really great being able to talk to you guys last night. I loved it so much.

So like I said for the Christmas day thing, we did that service in the morning for the lady. Than we came back and all took showers. Then we went out to lunch at a nice place here in town. We used that money you gave me. We even bought ice cream too. Than we all went back home and rested and stuff. Some people called home too. Than we all went to an investigators house. That’s where I tried to call you. The investigator fed us all dinner. It was so nice of her feeding six missionaries.

This past week we had no water for two days. It was because of the floatie thing in the toilet had water in it. So it was being weighed down so water was also coming and going. So our tank that has our water was never filling up. A little thing like that made us have no water for two days.
Last Monday, as we were taking out money, this bum walks past us and starts dancing. Then he pulls his pants down and flashes us. It was the weirdest thing in the world. People here have no respect. I also have been having a lot of dreams of home too. So I have been kind of sad lately. Maybe it’s because of Christmas.

One of our investigators has three dogs. Anytime we knock there gate, they come running up to the fence, barking their heads off and growling. Once the owner comes they stop and there fine. Weird, right?
In one of the packages an elder got here. He got a slap hand. It’s this sticky hand that can stick to things. I was playing with it and I accidently slapped my companion in the faced. It was actually pretty funny. I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Yesterday at an investigators house, we were teaching him. He had some chickens. And this little puppy comes up and starts playing with them. They were making all these noises and stuff. It was funny.

Remember that other package you were going to send me. Here is some stuff I need: my mag flashlight that was in my closet in a container, those shirts, a good watch, and floss picks from wal-mart. Thanks.

Well that’s about it this week. Until the NOVO ANO!!!!!! Or, New Year.

I love you all
Elder Sirrine

Week 31

Hi Mom,

Christmas is in the air. It sure does feel like Christmas here. It’s been raining like we are in Washington during the winter. It’s Crazy. About the package, the Spendloves (mission president and his wife) are coming the 22nd. So if they dont have it, another senior couple is coming the 27th, so maybe they will have it. So hopefully they will bring it. About the 100 dollars on Thursday, I told the elders, and we will go out to eat with it on Christmas. Thank you so much mom for all you do. I will take out 200 dollars worth of metacais, because I still haven’t taken the money out for my birthday. I think it’s best if you call me. Call me like 10 in the morning your time. That after I will be teaching English class. And for Christmas, I don’t know if we are going out or not. We will find out the 22nd when the mission president comes. The country code for Mozambique is 258, than call 844683902. That’s our number. I will make sure imp in the house for when you call. I can only talk for 30 minutes.

Yeah I got an email from Nicole. It was really nice to get it from her.

Life here on the mission is good. Do you know a Roberts family that lives in Florida? I got a birthday email from them and I don’t know them. We climbed the roof of our house this week because we made a bonfire. So it was really fun. I also saw a rat attacked by a group of dogs. I have never seen dogs so crazy in my life. Ha-ha. We also some kids dancing and singing. They even had little judges. It was so funny.
I also had fleas this week. Everybody got them. So we fumigated our house. Ha-ha. I also got food poisoning this week. It was out about three days. But I am fine now so don’t worry.

I love you all

Elder Sirrine

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 30

Hello Family,

Things here in Chimoio are going well. The work here just keeps on going. This week has been a good work week too. We have two people marked for baptism on January 1st. They’re named Raul and Ezeqiel. They have been coming to all the church activities since the church got here in Chimoio about five and a half months ago. Since they are little young, they had to wait a little bit. But now since Ezeqiel is getting baptized, his mom who is a very strong catholic is investigating the church. People here in Mozambique are pretty stubborn and not really ready to change. But she is smart too. Friday night we did family night at an investigators house. It was really fun. We gave a spiritual thought than we just played around. I thought I lost my memory card there. It has almost 1000 pictures. But I found it.

I also had my birthday this past Saturday. I’m 20 years old. Aren’t I old now? I was made a cake that was really good. I missed home a lot. It was my first b-day away from home.
It’s also been raining like crazy here. Almost all this week has been raining. We had to come to the city and buy irrigation boots. Elder Bene and I would run through puddles like we were little kids. It was so fun. The city was also flooding this past week.
Yesterday we colored with the primary kids. It was really fun. I also felt like a kid than too.
Sunday, we had a frequency of 78 people at church. That’s one of the highest amounts here in Chimoio. So that’s really cool. We also got three new investigators yesterday. So we just keep on getting them like crazy.

Thanks for the package. I will be looking forward to getting it. And trust me; I will be looking forward to taking out the money. I know these couple of weeks will be really hard, but did you realize when 2011 comes, I only have 5 months until I hit a year. That’s crazy. But let me know when would be the best time to call. It’s going to be next week already. Wow. I just got food poisoning. About sleeping, the senior couple that comes every once in a while, he gave me some sleeping pills to take. But I’m fine now. I love you all

Well, we are going to climb Cabe├ža do velho.
So until next week.
Elder Sirrine

Week 29

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the pictures. I love them.

Weather wise this week, I feel like I have been In Washington. It’s just rain, rain, and more rain pretty much all day and every day. So it’s kind of weird. This week I also had to move rooms again. So far every transfer I have had to move rooms. It’s kind of a hassle. But it’s just the mission way of life.

This week we also taught the former goalie of the Mozambiquan soccer team. He even played on the Holland soccer team. His first name is malo. He is like 60 years old. It was really cool to teach him.

Those letters you asked for last week with pictures I will send today. But a week and a half ago I sent just a normal letter. So you should be getting some soon. .

I have had troubles sleeping and it’s not good. But I got some pills to help me fall asleep at night. But I’m better now.

In my area our progression is going well. We have people getting baptized here and there, people getting the priesthood too. So the church is growing here in Chimoio for sure.

I also got chased by a dog this week. I was trying to help some puppies go home, and there mom comes barking and chasing us. We had to run for our lives for like 100 feet. I have not been that scared in a long time.

We also learned for Christmas we are not going to Biera. We are staying home. So I will call home Christmas morning here. It will be Christmas Eve for you all. I will call your work phone if I can. But a senior couple from Beira will be coming on the 22nd. So you should send those packages like this week if you haven’t already.

I love you all