Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 50

Hooray! So happy to hear about Osaba Bin Laden!

So this week has been a good week here in Mozambique. But we got some bad news this week. One of the members, who lived in Angola, passed away this week. Her name was sister bĂȘte. All the missionaries knew her. She was from here in Manga. She even served a mission in Kenya and spoke English. She lived in Maputo, working in the mission home. I got to know here while I served in Maputo. Her funeral will be this week.

This week we also made a broom from palm leaves. It’s amazing what Africans do here with what limited resources they have. I would have taken some pictures, but it was raining and I left my camera at home. Next time I will bring it.

We went as a house to a senior couple’s house this past week. They made us shrimp, fettuccini, and green beans. It was the best food I have had in 11 months. It was so GOOD!!! I couldn’t eat anything for about 2 days. No joke! I was stuffed like sardines in a can. Ha-ha

We also had the chance of seeing price Williams wedding. We were out eating, and it was on the TV. So we stayed there and watched a little. It was weird, those types of weddings. Ha-ha

It’s been raining like crazy here. Everyday it has been raining.

So there was this investigator that said he "read" the first chapter in the book of Mormon. So we asked her what she learned. So she tried to explain. We could tell she was lying. So elder Christensen asked her about the cavallo branco, or white horse that Nephi. So she is like yeah Nephi had a white horse that he took care of, and all that stuff. Than we ask her sister, who actually reads the book of Mormon if she remembers a white horse. She said no. Just think, I’m laughing the whole quietly, with a book in my face. Then when the sister says no, I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I was laughing so hard. Ha-ha.

So about the call home, I will call home on Saturday. The only time I have to call is about 7 in the morning, your time. I will call you first than you got to call me back. We will just do what we did for Christmas. So once I call you call me.

That’s about it for this week. Until Saturday, I love you all!!!!

Elder Sirrine

On this computer I can’t send pictures Sorry!!!!!!

Week 49

Well that’s not good about Michelle. I hope she is alright.

I think it would be best if you called Saturday. I don’t want to have to fight to have to use the phone. I’ll give you more info next week.

I really missed having an Easter party. We had branch conference yesterday. We got a new branch president. He is such a cool guy. We went to his house last night and we just talked to him for an hour or so. Awesome

During third hour at church, the district president had me show my temple recommend because he was teaching about temples. Everyone was so amazed by it.

On Saturday we had an Easter activity for the district. More than 100 people came. The teenagers did a play about the protocol son and made it hilarious. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Wish you could have seen it.

While getting on a chapa, this drunk tried to get on also. The driver forced him to get off and said “I cleaned up some vomit the other night; I don’t want to clean up more" funny to hear.

We had 6 baptisms on Saturday. That’s the most I have seen in this country at one time. It was so spiritual. They all bore their testimonies after. I felt the spirit so much and was so happy how I am helping people come closer to the lord.

We found the hardest women to teach this week. We teach than ask questions. We give her the answers but she won’t tell us them beck. SO HARD!!!!!

Last week we visited a one eyed ladies store to eat. She loves us. She only has one eye and actually cooks really good.

Well that’s about it.

Have a good week everyone I love you all.

Elder Sirrine

Week 48

Hello Mom,I’m doing well here in Manga. Things are going good with my companion. His name is Elder Christensen and he is from south Jordan Utah. So yes another comp from Utah, ha-ha. He has 14 brothers and sisters. I told him that his family should start their own TV show ha-ha. I am still with a group of six missionaries. I like it like this more than two. Riding the bikes is a whole lot of fun. We go off-roading and stuff with them because our area is in the wood ha-ha. I am like 10 minutes from the city of Beira. Manga is just a zone of Beira. I am only three hours closer to Maputo. But I am still hours from there.That’s cool you went down to California for the dole foods people. Why do you think you wouldn’t get the account with them? Are they difficult people there or something? So last week, here in Beira There is a restaurant called Piniqinue. The way you say it is like the word picnic. We had steaks there. Oh man, it was so good. I think we will be going there to eat there again.Last week, we went to the monkey cemetery here. It’s an old cemetery by our house and it has these huge trees and it’s full of monkeys. But before I took pictures of the monkeys, my cameras battery dies. But it looked like the legit jungle. At a member’s house, there was this huge cat that kept on coming in. And the member spoke in dialect to their kids to do something. The kids came back about ten minutes later with the cat dead in their head. They asked us if we wanted to eat it with them. We passed. Ha-haOne of our recently baptized members told us the story of his parent’s death. They both died within a week of each other last year. They were both sick. When he told us it, it was so sad. I almost cried for him. An investigator, Fatima, got a surprising answer to her prayer. She got the answer that all churches are true and we could go to anyone church we want. She is so stubborn that she will not pray again. So we aren’t going to her house anymore. I have a question mom. I was thinking about when I call home for mother’s day. I was thinking that I should call on Saturday instead of Sunday. It’s because six people will be trying to call on Sunday. I will give you the number some other time and stuff.Have a good week and I Love you all

Elder Sirrine

Week 47

So life here in Manga is going good. Last Friday, me and my comp Elder Christensen were riding our bikes through rivers and lakes because of the rain. It was the most rain I have ever seen in my life. Once we got home, I have never been so tired physically in my life. My butt is killing me. It’s hard for me to walk. Ha-ha. Here in Manga they have a LEGIT chapel. Going to church yesterday made me feel like I was at home. Ha-ha. It was really hard for me to say bye to people in Chimoio. After being there for 5 months, you grow to love the people.The church here in Manga is so much more established than in Chimoio. I do not have a calling here. So that’s really nice not having to worry about things like that. It has rained every day I have been here on Manga. The people here are so nice. I love them already. It’s good for dad that he was able to go out in the yard and work on it. Did you get that shed yet that we were talking about, or not yet? What about building the fence in the backyard?I bet Bella had tons of fun Ady's house. How was the vacation? Was it good?To get to my area on my bike, it takes 20 minutes. Than we have to go off-roading on our bikes to all the people’s houses. I will try to get some pictures this week and I will take some of the house. Until next week, I love you allElder Sirrine,

Week 46

DDDDUUUUUDDDDEEEEEE that looks like so much fun. We definitely need to go on one when I get home.

So this will be my last P-Day here in Chimoio. So that means I will be transferred. I’m going to the city of Manga. In English, Manga is Mango. Manga is the mango producing place of Mozambique. All I heard about there is it’s really nice and I am lucky to go there. I spent 5 months in Chimoio. For what I have done in the mission, 10 months, I have spent half my mission here in Chimoio. So it will be hard to leave here for sure. My new comps name is Elder Christensen. I got to know him a little in the MTC because he came in 6 weeks after I did. Cool guy.

So this past week, we dug a new hole for garbage. It’s about 2 meters wide and 1 and a half deep. So it’s a pretty decent sized hole. The little poor kids are always getting into it and taking our garbage. It’s sad to see, but weird too. You wouldn’t see that in the States.

So we had our African leave this past week too. He was from Cape Verde. He finished his mission. It was pretty hard to see him go. His name was Elder Monteiro. He a six foot six, 220lb guy. So a big guy. He was hilarious.

SO we also thought we found a new investigator. But when we got there he thought we were only there to speak English. That what tons of people think when they see two big white guys walking down the road. So we told him we are not there to teach English, Were there to preach the gospel. So we teach him about Joseph Smith and the restoration. The next time we sit with him, he tells us his sister doesn’t want us there to sit with because they have their church already. But that he will come to the English classes. So the guy was kind of weird. I won’t lie. Ha-ha

So we go to a member’s house this past week. And as we are leaving to go home, these two drunken guys asked where the church was. So we start to explain, and there like no it’s not there it’s here. And stuff like that. You all know how drunken people are. But it was pretty funny.

I also had some of my shirts taken in They were huge on me since I have lost wait. Now they fit perfectly. I love the shirts now.

We also found a new Talho, or butcher shop in our area. The meat is really good there. They have some steaks that are AMAZING!!! Too bad I’m Leaving. Ha-ha.

We also lost our keys here. So we had to get tons of new keys made. We looked for hours for them, and nothing there. I feel really ashamed. Ha-ha.

So that’s about it this week. Mom can you ask dad to ask if people from his side of the family can email me. I want to hear from them too.

I love you all,
Elder Sirrine

Week 45

Cruise when I’m here in Mozambique?

This week is transfer week. So I will let you know what happens when I email next week. This past week we were fixing one of the A/C machines in the house. And once we got it going, it shoots out things of ice at us. We all just booked it out of the room. We all got pretty scared. Ha-ha. We had someone come look at it too. His name was Formiga. And in English, Formiga means ANT!! So we all were like, what kind name is that. Ha-ha

Last Monday, we had a senior couple here. We watched movies with them. We watched Brother Bear 2 and sky high. We stayed up till like Midnight. We ate popcorn and we ate a lot of candy I got. Ha-ha. By the way, I did share the stuff with my comp.

Speaking of my comp, he got malaria last week. So we stayed home a couple days because when you get malaria, you can’t really move, you’re too weak to.

We were at an investigators house and her uncle was drunk. And he asked us where we are from. And we tell him were Americans. He then offered us pork, but said Oh Obama is your president, you don’t eat pork. oink oink. He said that because Obama is Muslim. Ha-ha. That made my day. They also offered us beer, but they were like whoops just kidding y'all can’t drink it. Ha-ha

We had baptisms last week. Carmen, our investigator, was baptized. She is 18 and a very smart girl. That’s what the church here in Chimoio needs is more young women to be leaders here. We have a lack of them.

This has been a really hot week. It hasn’t rained for week. The highest got about 115 here. It was BAD!!!!!

Well that’s about it this week. I love you all

Elder Sirrine

Week 44

Isn’t it good to have Christmas in March? Yeah I got my Christmas Packages this past week!!!!
Thanks for everything mom. And tell Jamie too.

And yes I had Malaria. I went to the doctor. But they told me it’s just a onetime thing. And I will only get it again if I get bit by another mosquito. I am over it.

Things here in Mozambique are good. We caught a chapa this week. And one guy on it was SUPER drunk. He gave someone his phone to hold until he got off. He told them if they guy gave him back his phone before he got off, he would hit him. It may seem weird now, but it was so funny to hear and see.

We have 3 people marked for baptism. Their names are Carmen, Odilson and Aogosto. They are all teenagers and they are so smart. Carmen will be baptized this Sunday, and the other 2 will be baptized in a couple weeks. I probably won’t see them. Transfer meeting is a week from Friday. At the end of this transfer I will have 5 moths here in Chimoio. That will be half my mission. I will miss it here once I do get transferred.

Yesterday I gave a talk in church. One of the speakers didn’t show up. So it was a spur of the moment talk. Just like my homecoming will be. Ha-ha. I talked about why are we here on earth. People said it went good. When I was teaching primary I gave the kids some American candy. They LOVED it!!!!! They went crazy for it.

Carmen’s sister is weird. Whenever we go to her house, she is always drunk. And she always tells me she wants to be my girlfriend and go back to America with me. It’s pretty funny to hear. Ha-ha

Well that about it. Thanks for the support. I love you ALL!!!!

Elder Sirrine