Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 19


I did finally get your email. Thanks.
About pictures, they cost like 15 Meticals to print. And sending a normal cost like 92. So somehow I need to get a memory card reader so I could send some home.
I’m glad Michelle finished driver’s ed. when I get home, instead of me driving her around she will drive me.

About the package, it’s been about three weeks. Elders here say it normally takes 3-6 weeks to actually get. So I should hopefully get it soon. If not, I will be kind of mad. Ha-ha. I already didn’t get those letters. As stuff for Christmas, um, I really don’t know. You can send whatever you want. For the members, something like ties would be great.

Entao, stories from here. This week Elder Masterson and I were walking in our area by the lixiera, or dump. We were just walking. And we see this drunken guy. We were like oh great. We find out that it’s our Investigator. Yeah, he was so drunk he didn’t know who we were. He fell down. We helped him up. It was interesting. I also helped dig two holes. Back to back. I was like dead. Both like 2 meters across and 2 meters deep. They were huge. We had a district meeting this week. Our district leader gave us all puzzles to do find. It was really cool. They were all on attributes of Christ. Last Saturday we also had another baptism. That is two baptisms in two baptismal days. There every other week. Hopefully we will have another next time too. This week we had virtually no power like all week. It was very chato, or annoying.

We had to ride a chapa back to our house after the baptism. It took an hour and a half. We live like 20-30 minutes from the city. It was horrible. Ha-ha. Traffic is really bad here.

And guess what, I hit 4 months on my mission yesterday. They have flown by. Next transfer I hit 6 months, two holidays also. Halloween and thanksgiving. Than the next transfer I hit 7 months, my birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Years Eve, and new years. So for me these next two transfers are going to be pretty hard for me.

Oh mom, I have been thinking. You know those pictures me and Jamie took outside of the MTC. Can you find them and send them to me. I don’t know if we used your camera or Jamie's. But I would really like both. And if you do, send them to the Utah address. The address is on my face book page.

And people have been asking you to update the blog too. I would appreciate that too.

Well that is about it for this week. We’re going to play basquet, or basketball. I love you all!!!! Ate proxima semana!!!!
-Elder Sirrine

Week 18

You all must be pretty busy. I got an email from Terrance but not from you or dad….. Pretty sad……
So the price of letters has gone up from 33 Meticals to 92 now. So I don’t know if I’m going to really send anymore home. Unless I ever get a letter from home. I still haven’t got those letters from church. I have only gotten one from Chris like a month ago. So the best place to send them is the pouch. That way I will get them.
Last Tuesday we played ultimate Frisbee in a field by our house. It was really fun. Everybody on my team was wearing soccer jerseys. It was cool.
The not so hot season has come to a close. This week it got up to 37 degrees celsius. It’s been that hot all week. But it’s a dry heat luckily. This week our water went on the day it was 37 degrees. So we all had very little water for the time we were walking. But luckily it was back when we got home. We also worked in the nachaamba, or farm. One of our investigators owns it. We helped him water it and stuff.
This week we had to say goodbye to Elder Dunn. He went up to Munhava to be the branch president. Munhava is up by Beira. I miss him. We consider him my mission mom. Ha-ha. Thursday was the last time I walked in my old area. I am now with Elder Masterson. He is a really awesome guy. He is from Kaysville, Utah. He and I have so much in common.
So I was walking in my new area. And all of a sudden all the kids that were in front of us started running away from us. And we were like they must not like white people or something. Then I see something on my side. It was a wild donkey walking along me. Then comes another one. Only in Mozambique will you see that. Did you know roosters sleep in trees? I didn’t until I got here. Ha-ha
That’s about it for this week. I hope I get an email next week. Hope everything is good at home. Love you.
-Elder Sirrine

Week 17

I am sad to hear about how the cowboys lost. But at least the Seahawks won though. That’s always good. And I have not gotten any letters yet. I think because at the beginning of September there was some political unrest going on, so we had to stay in our house for three days. But hopefully I will soon.
1. Yes I do have investigators. My companion and I have about 14. So we were pretty busy with them
2. We probably taught about 14 lessons a week. That’s a lot.
3. As for tracking, I have not gone. In Magoanine our branch missionary work is so good, that we don’t have to go tracting. We get referrals from them.
4. Instead of having a six week transfer because of the unrest, we have a seven week. So I do have a new comp. his name is Elder Masterson. He was already here in Magoanine. So this transfer will be 5 weeks long.
5. Elder Masterson is my new comp.
6. I think there is like 12-13 open cities in Mozambique. President Spendlove opened two new cities this transfer.
7. Up in the Beira area it’s all like jungle. The city of Tete is the hottest city in the mission. Everybody loses weight, no matter how skinny you are. You just sweat, sweat, and sweat.
8. I want to go to the city of Munhava. That’s where it’s the most jungle. I want to get out away from the big cities.
9. Well the culture here, everybody gives. If they see a missionary walk by, they will give you there dinner, even if it’s the only food they have. They are very kind to people here too.
10. This week, I just eat what I normally do. Bread, oranges, banana, potatoes, cereal. And I ate squid yesterday. It was actually pretty good. Kind of chewy though.
11. Yes I am still losing weight. The pounds just come off. I have lost 24 pounds in seven weeks already.
Oh, and people are asking if you could update my blog too.
Last Monday we played a game called ninja warrior on the beach. It was so fun. Just imagine seeing 30+ elders trying to hit each other’s hands. Ha-ha. And I touched the Indian Ocean too. So that’s three oceans down. During family home evening we played ninja warrior too with members. They loved it. It was really awesome to see them playing it. We also did an energy type of thing where they lifted me up with two fingers each. There were only 4 people doing it.
There is a member who lives right in front of us. And all six elders who live in our house dug a hole for here. It was like 8 feet deep. It was huge.
Last week, one time we were walking in our area and we saw this guy lying on the ground. We thought he was dead. But he had paralyzed legs and was moving himself with his arms. So we stopped a car to take where he needed to go. It was kind of scary.
Last Saturday we had a baptism. Her name was Rebecca. She had investigated the church for over a year, and she finally got baptized..
Friday night we slept on our roof. It was really fun. It was really cold. But fun. That same day we saw two roosters fight. It was weird. The owner just let them.
That’s about it for this week. I will update you about the letters next week. I love you all. Tchao.
Com amor,

Elder Sirrine

Week 16


That is cool how Alexis mentioned me in her testimony. Tell her thanks. With the ward bulletin, you can use the one that comes straight to Mozambique. For the package, can you put one of my black maglights in it? They are up in my room in my closet in a wooden box. They have locks on them because I didn’t want any little kids in them. If they are not in there than I put in a box I made on the clear boxes. That would be great. Maybe even a watch.

This week we were at a member’s house, and he has ducks. And they were like fighting each other. So after they were done I like stood up to pretend to fight and I was like charged by the ducks. It was hilarious. Last Monday we went to the mission home, and the church public affairs guy was there too for Africa. And I told him my name. and he was like I know some Sirrine’s from mesa. he knew grandpa, grandma, and our family. He even said Tia Rosas was the best restaurant he has ever been too. He is from Mesa.

Last week we had classes. They were for training. So we were in the city a lot. The other night we had to sleep with the air conditioning on. It’s stating to heat up. Last night there was a car accident right outside our house. It was kind of bad.

On Saturday, we have a baptism. So I am pretty excited for that.

Other than that, this week has been pretty boring. Love you all!!!!

-Elder Sirrine