Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 72

Well things here in Mozambique are heating up. And I literally mean it. Ha-ha. The temperature just keeps climbing and climbing. This past week, almost everyday was over 100 degrees. And here in Munhava, we do lots of walking. We don’t teach a whole lot here. But that’s alright.
There are lots of inactive members in Munhava, and we try to help them out coming back to church. But lots of the time, people are not home and we go and find more members to help out.
So yesterday in sacrament meeting, there was a mom and like her two or three year old kid. The kid would grab his mom’s purse, and say “Vamos”, or “let’s go”. The mom would grab the purse back and make the kid sit down. And like 2 minutes later, he would do the same thing. It may seem pretty dumb, but while it was happening, it was so funny to see.
So last Monday, we had a 2 zone activity at the beach again. It was so fun. Elder Bonini made some killer steaks and they were so good. We had mashed potatoes and corn with them too. We even wrestled. I went in for a few rounds and did my fair share of wrestling. We have an Elder Petersen, one of our zone leaders, who was a state champion in wrestling in Utah. He wrestled too and of course he won his matches.
We just drew a big circle in the sand and the first person to touch outside of the circle lost. We had to be careful of the wrecked ship on the beach. After we did our shopping at Shoprite. For the trip home, we took a teca pela home. All it is is little hunk of metal on three wheels. And with the roads to the house, I really got scared.
Ha-ha. I can ride chapas, walk down the ghettos of an African city, or anything here in Mozambique, but a tcho pela I will never ride again.
I have started running here in Mozambique in the mornings. We live next to the beach so it is very humid here, even in the mornings.
Since I have like 7 and half months left, I need to start. Ha-ha so we invited the Bingham’s over this past week. They are going home this week. They are a couple who have been serving here. We made and ate tacos. Oh man were they good. We just sat, ate, and talked to them for awhile.
So last Friday we left our house at 8:30 in the morning, and we didn’t get home till 9:30 at night. We didn’t even go home for lunch. It was a very long day but well worth it. We did it because a member, Nicole, who speaks English, and is from Zimbabwe, is having problems. Her mom gets home at 8 at night from work. So we sit with them. And her mom is a very intelligent woman. We went over the plan of salvation a little bit. Then at church, she even came!!! The mom is reading the book of Mormon and Nicole told us that the stuff at home is already getting better.
I went on a division with the previously mentioned Elder Petersen last Saturday. He is so funny. We had a blast. I walked in his area of Beira 2. So it was good to get to know a little more of his area. The whole time we were just having a good time. It was a very fun division.

Yeah I do remember where a Lakeland hill is. I actually really wanted to move there until we found Bonney Lake. Is Bella just getting fat?
If she is, that’s not good. Ha-ha.

The Internet is bad today. I can’t send pictures. Sorry

Other than that, that’s about it. Have a good week everyone and I Love you all Elder Sirrine