Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 67

Another Week down in Mozambique. I have started my 16 month of my mission already. Can you believe that?So in our backyard, we have a bush right. So we go back there, and this chicken bolts out and starts freaking out and it crosses into other people’s yards. So were like "what the heck". We look out under the bush and we see 6 eggs. The next day a different chicken is in the bush. WE looked at the eggs yesterday and there were 16 eggs in total. The owner of the chickens came over yesterday to get them. He told us all of them are fertilized so we could not eat them.
So at an investigators house, Laurindas, her daughters tried carrying our backpacks. Our backpacks are really the same size as they are. They try carrying it and they can barely hold it. It was so funny to see. Ha-haSo something bad and good happened. So we bought some food on the side of the road. We go a little way off to eat it, by a member’s house. Were eating and the female member tells us to come over. So we go. She tells us she is super sick. And they have pretty much nothing which is the norm here in Mozambique. So we give her a blessing and say were going to return the next day. So we go there the next day. She is just covered in a Kapalana, which is a cheap sheet of fabric. Her husband, who is a member too, is freaking out. Malena, the women, is suffering. So we take her to the poor excuse of a hospital. It’s just full of people. But being white, we got bumped up to the front of everyone. She gets checked by the "doctor". And is given medicine. We go back on Saturday and someone is on their roof. It’s the owner. He is replacing their roof for free. And Malena is up and around smiling and acting how a person should. That was a miracle her recovery.So I went on a divisio. I got to go to Inhamizua. My first time walking there. It’s out in the woods. But it’s very beautiful. So one guy, Pinto, this really old guy, who is 68. His family members are all dead. He was supposed to go to South Africa to go to the Temple on a caravan from the district. But the district messed up. Instead of 48 spots they only got 27. So he got bumped from the list. But later on, Elder Crriea form Cape Verde, Who is also the branch president of Inhimizua, was doing everything he could to help him go. Nothing was working. But later on in the day he gets a call from the district presidency, saying Pinto is going to the temple and they are taking someone off the list. I think the only reason he is still living is to go and get sealed to his family in the temple.This week I have seen so many blessings. May all of your weeks be filled with them too. I love you all

Elder Sirrine

Sorry no pictures, I don’t have my card reader