Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 70

Yeah I am already here In Munhava. I live with 5 other elders. 4 work in Munhava, and the other 2 work in the branch of Beira 1. The thing is from our house we walk 20 minutes to go catch a chapa, and they take another 30 minute chapa ride to our area. So we take almost an hour to go to our area and then do the same thing back. It’s crazy. We take almost 2 hours every day to go and get back from our area. The area here is still confusing. There are so many twist and turns that I get lost in like 5 minutes. We do a lot of reacts here, or help baptized members get back to church. We only have like 3 real investigators.
But it’s better to help members come back to church than have an investigator...

But I have a funny story before I left Manga. So we are going to a member’s house and we are on the bikes on a little trail. There is a chicken and her chicks. They scatter and one chick runs in front of my tire. All of a sudden I feel something kind of heavy hit my foot. I look back and it the chicken I thought she was running away and hit me. Elder Johnson told me the chicken flew and ATTACKED me!! I was attacked by a chicken!!!

To get to an investigators house here in Munhava, we walk 30 minutes to get to an investigator. We almost walk into downtown Beira. It’s crazy.

So our front door has a glass window. And it broke because of the wind. So we had someone fix it. Never work with a mozambiquan and money. It’s the biggest hassle in the world. And because we are white, they think they can rob us.

The reason why I am writing on Tuesday is because on Sunday, the worst holiday in the world happened. It was when the mozambiquan started their fight for independence against Portugal. Yeah, Portugal treated mozambiquan bad, but Mozambique was a really nice country back then.
But now not so much.

That’s about it. Have a good week everyone. I love you all.
Elder Sirrine