Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 68

Hey everybody, Things are going great here in Mozambique.So I told you all about Nacha who was baptized a few weeks ago. Well, she has a calling now, already. She teaches the teenage girls. She is 15 and she teaches 16 to 18 years old. It’s amazing how a little girl like her is already teaching girls older than her. She is one of my favorite people here. I love her.We also marked another baptismal date with Laurinda. She is in her twenties. She has been in and out for awhile but she is doing great now. She will be baptized in October and I won’t be able to see her baptism which is sad.So last Monday, we didn’t leave the house. We did a deep house clean. Right outside the window of my room, I cleaned the dust off. There was like an inch of dust on it. I cleaned out the filters in our a\c, which were never cleaned before. And oh my gosh. They were worse. After cleaning them and putting them in, our room is FREEZING!!!!!! I never have been so cold here in Mozambique.At some member’s house, he was like “wait a minute I will be right back" so we keep talking to his wife. He comes out with the same exact shirt she is wearing, and says “The Elders always wear the same clothes and so will we." They are this old goofy mozambiquan couple. Ha-haSo there is tons of new callings in our branch. I’m excited for the people.We went to the church for a lesson. We got there early. So we ended up laying on the cement waiting. I fell asleep while waiting. Well, not asleep, daydreaming. It felt nice to lie on some cement. We have an investigator named Candida. We are at her house, and she tells us of her blessings she has received since sitting with us. Her boyfriend has a legit job and now they can finally work on getting marriedSo there is a kid, whenever we pass by him, he wants to fight us. He is like three. So I always get off my bike and we "wrestle". It’s so funny. He only goes up to my knee in height. He swings his arms and when I pick him up; he gets this big old scared face and laughs. It’s hilarious. I saw a turkey get chased by a teenager and it tried to fly away. It’s this huge male turkey. But with humans, it’s scared freightless. I played "goldfish" for the first time with some members today. It was the first time in years that I played. I felt like a little kid, ha-haWell that it, have a good week. I love you allElder Sirrine