Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 69

Transfers!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am being transferred. I am going to Munhava, which is still Biera, with Elder Sessions. We were in the MTC together. It should be an adventure

So we were on the main road in Manga, going to Vascos, the wood guy.
And we turn to a side road. We see a mission couples truck stopped. As we get there, Sister Bingham gets out of the passenger door. We go to shake her hand and I see this 20 something year old women in the backseat. She waves to us and I give thumbs up. A little farther on the road, they stop again and get out. Theirs kids, and they do something and she screams out "Oh my gosh", which made me happy to hear. Once at Vascos, Elder Bingham is translating. He has her pick up a little log of Ebony wood and she yells "Holy cow!” i just loved hearing an amreican accent, not a British.

We have an investigator, Candida, who told us a story. Our church is the first church she has gone too, which is very rare in Mozambique.
She said before coming to church, She was always mad at people things at home were horrible. But since going to church, everything has gotten better. Now the guy she lives with, when he gets home at night, picks up the book of Mormon, calls the family over, and they read together as a family. I will miss them for sure.

Julia an investigator gave us her English homework to have us help her with it. We look at it, and it was RIDICULOUS!!!!!The teacher just copied and pasted it. There were articles and questions about stuff she didn’t have. It was crazy.

We have an investigator named Luisa. She has one special quality. She loves her kid. She plays with her, and she doesn’t beat her child which is rare here in Mozambique. That’s one reason why we still sit with her, is because she is a rare mozambiquan adult who loves and doesn’t beat her child, which I love.

We had to catch a chapa this week. When we got on, we couldn’t see the cobarador, or the guy who collects the money. We get off, and we had to pay the driver. Now he doesn’t have to pay anyone for working for him.

Have a good week, wish the Walsh's good luck on the business, and please update the blog. I love you all Elder Sirrine