Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 66

I probably need 36 size pants just to be safe. Where did you send the package to? The pants could just be normal church. Just a few pairs since I have 9 months left. Thanks mom.So this week has been a good week. One major thing happened this week. We got stormed by major rats this week and my hand got bit. I have this huge gash in my hand and I spent 2 days in the hospital. And now I have a got a bandage over my finger and can’t bend it......just kidding! The hospital and rats never really happened, but my hand is covered in a bandage. Another elder was cutting a carrot for lunch and it fell. I intensively went to grab it and so did he... with a knife in his hand. And my ring finger on my left hand got slashed. We don’t trust mozambiquan hospitals so we cleaned it up ourselves. Now it’s all bandaged up and it’s healing pretty well. I'm taking off the bandages on Tuesday. But don’t worry about me, I’m fine.So we had our baptism last Saturday with Nacha. The font wasn’t filling up, but really slow. We ended up taking a hose from outside and using it to help feel the font up. One of the only real fonts in Mozambique.... wasn’t filling up. That’s how bad some of the better buildings are. Other than that, the baptism went great. I was able to conform her on Sunday. After, she was smiling ear to ear. It was one of the best feeling moments of my mission.I saw part of an American football game, well a part. It was the Ravens vs. the Redskins. The skins are looking good.We played a Mozambiquan game where you throw back and forth a little ball, and try and hit the person in the middle. It’s kind of like monkey in the middle mozambiquan style. It was actually pretty fun. Ha-haWe got to hold legit hippo teeth in our hands. There is a guy who does stuff out of hippo teeth and he had 4 HUGE teeth in his hands. I dint get a picture but I never thought I would ever hold a hippo tooth in my hand. But I did. Score!!!I was also able to buy legit soft serve ice cream for the first time in my mission. It was so good. I really have not had a lot of ice cream on the mission so it was really good to get some in the stomach. Ha-ha.There has been lots of drunks here lately I don’t know why. We love messing with them. Last night one was so drunk, he couldn’t even respond to us. Usually they can respond alright, but this guy was gone. It was so funny. Ha-haThats’ about it. I love you all and have a good week.Elder Sirrine