Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 63

So we got our transfers. I’m staying here in Manga, so mom, go ahead and send the package please. So yesterday, we had the chance to help a member start his Mission papers. His name is Augusto. He finally has enough money to do his passport so now he can finally start his papers. Lots of people here are starting their papers. We also got some other good news this week. Irma Margarida got her mission call. She is going to the Porto Alegre Brazil mission. So that’s the third Mozambiquan who is going to Brazil. The church wants them to learn how the church should run.So I have had a pretty sickful week. I got some more stomach problems. I have been coming home early in order to sleep. I might have worms again. It is pretty bad and I have had accidents more than once. Embarrassing but you can’t help it!!!!!So at the restaurant we always go to, lisboeatas, didn’t have bifiinhos for like 3 months. But we go there on Friday, and they were BACK!!!!! That is what I look forward to every week is going there.We marked a baptismal date with an investigator. Her name is nacha. She is the sister of isabel that i talked about. Nacha has been investigating the church for a few months. She is a little younger, so we have been hesitating marking with her. She reads the Book of Mormon, prays, and participates at every activity the church throws. So we thought "She’s ready". So on August 27th, she will be baptized. That is the plan if everything goes right.I bought 5 new ties today. All for 10 metacias a piece. They're UGLY!!!!!So we were in our area, and we see this group of kids running yelling "n'bava"or "thief". Here in Mozambique, thief’s get burned with tires. So ask a lady what’s happening. She said someone is getting burned. So we go following the people. But once we get to the place, we see like 100 people there. But it was only a fight that goes on. It’s almost a daily occurrence her so it wasn’t that big of a thing. Ha-haWe found an inactive member that was baptized in 2003. We are teaching her again and her whole family.Well that’s about it. Until next week. I love you all!!!Elder Sirrine