Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 62

I think by next Monday, I will know about transfers. So I will inform you about the package and where to send it then.So it’s been a very eventful week. So here in downtown Beira, we found a Muslim store that has stuff from AMERICA!!!!!!!! Food from there. So I spent 550 metacias on cereal, We get 1500 a week. I have Trix, Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks. I have never been more grateful for American food.So this drunk guy came up to us because were white. He was like {Nazungo, Voces precisam de dar cada criancinha aqui um metical, porque elas tem fome} he said, Whiteys you need to give every little kid here a metical because they’re hungry. We talk to him and I eventually get him to dance and sing. It was hilarious. We also got pulled over by the police on a road for riding our bikes. They asked for documents of the bikes. The thing is here there are no documents. There was like 20 mozambiquan that passed by on their bikes. They stopped us just because were white. The people here are very racist. I can’t wait to go back to a country where racism is very low. So I have been teaching little kids some American slang. I taught them when I say what up guys, they need to respond nothing dude. Hahahaha. And now they all walk around yelling SIRRINE SIRRINE SIRRINE. Like little kids. It’s so funny. Ha-haso we went on some divisions this past week with the zone leaders. One of my zone leaders was in the MTC with me, Elder Miller. They went good. It was fun to see him again and talk about the MTC with him.I made fried chicken last week. So that was really good. We have a couple, Katarina and Domingos, who aren’t baptized, who are paying tithing. Once they get married they’re getting baptized. I got to go.I love you all and have a good weekElder Sirrine