Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 59

BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Happy 4th of July. Here in Mozambique all the American Missionaries are representing their country in wearing patriotic ties. This time next year I will be blowing stuff up. BOOM BABY!!!! We were talking to an investigator last week about how are country came into existence and talking about The National Anthem. It made me a little trunky. Ha-ha But before we know it, I will be home blowing stuff up.It was transfers. I will be with Elder Johnson. He is going into his third transfer and I am going into my 9th. So he is still a little new. I have seen him a couple times. But I really don’t know him. I will give more info next week.The weather has been decent here. It’s not too hot but it’s not really cold. So it has been some good time.Something happened for the first time to me. So we get to an investigators house and he is there waiting for us. He was waiting for us to tell us he wouldn’t be able to sit with us. Normally people just leave without telling us anything. In over a year on the mission, this is the first time this has happened. One of our member’s sisters has had toothaches. So we go in to talk to her about it, and her cheeks are just swollen up. I felt so bad for her. She couldn’t eat for like 3 days because of the cheeks. I found my new favorite meal. Beans and Bread. Since being in Mozambique, my quality in the taste of food has lowered so much, ha-ha. I love eating it so much. And I ate something for the first time this past week. Toasted bread. They don’t have microwaves here. So you get a pan on the heat, get a rack thingy, and put a lid over the rack and pan. You wait a minute or two and you got toast. Here you have to adapt or die. Ha-haI also cut wood for a member so they could sell it on the side of the road and sell it. The axe has a solid metal handle. I got blisters all over my hand from it. It was worth it to get them from helping a member out. They are old people.Last week we basked at dondo. We have six elders there. And its like 45 minutes from manga. We parteid there a little and watched Emporers new groove. Favorite disney movie. And a bat flew in and we killed it with a broom. hahaWell i got to go get ready for our BBQ for the 4th, Have a good week, I love you all