Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 60

Estou muito bom. Estou a ter uma maravilhosa expiriencia aqui neste pais. Obrigado.That looks like a Google translation. Ha-ha. At first, that didn’t even phase. I read it like it was nothing to me. Ha-ha. That would be fine if you wanted to write in all Portuguese. Ha-haSo this week I got my new comp. He is Elder Johnson. He is from a small town in between Rigby and Idaho falls. Finally not someone from Utah! HAHA. He is in his thrid transfer but he is still trying to participate in the lessons. He is speaking pretty good. Its good to walk with a fellow Northwesterner for once instead of someone from Utah. hahaSo yesterday we got some news that a member from Maputo got his mission call. He is going to New Jersey. Yes, America. He is the first Moambiquan that will ever serve a mission in America. His name is Akiyah. I have only met him one time but I don’t really know him all too well. The church is starting to send Mozambiquan out of Mozambique and letting them get to know how the church should run. So I am really happy they are doing that. Yesterday there was this little kid telling me he loves me in English. The thing is here in Mozambique they have lots of American movies that have Portuguese subtitles. So with the bad teachers they have here that teach English and the subtitles, they have a very low vocabulary here I thought it was a little funny hearing the kid say that. We were able to sit with an investigator and her boyfriend she lives with for one of the first times. His name is Antonio, so we talked to them ALOT about marriage. The women, Mariazinha, has been coming to church for awhile. They have 2 kids together. So we are trying to help them get married so they can be baptized together. I had one of the best things of meat in this country this past week. It was from Lisboetas. I told you about there when i called home for mothers day. It was really good. Thats the first thing i wanna eat at home. A nice big fat steak. oh baby. hahaSo last week was the 4th. We grilled up some meat and threw some baseballs around. We have a grate to protect our house and it curves out. These kids were climbing on it and we went upstairs and just poured water all over them. They freaked out. It was so FUNNY. Somehow they had some baby rats in a little bottle. When they got wet, they left it at our house. We didn’t want the rats so we drowned them. After they died, we dumped them out to let cats eat them. The thing is, 2 days after, we found two dead cats in our backyard. We put bleach in the bottle. We think the cats died from the bleach. So two elders here buried them. The 5th of July is the Dia de Independencia, or Independence Day of Cape Verde. That’s a country of islands off the coast of Africa that speaks Portuguese. We have a few in our zone. So we celebrated that day with them. They made some food from there. It was good. We got to sing our National Anthem because they wanted to hear it and it was ours the day before. It was great. Ha-ha.Could you send pictured from the 4thWell that’s about it. I hope you have a good week. I love you allElder Sirrine