Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 58

I would love if you came up to clean the house. That means I would get to see you. The tub is stained black like that. We have tried cleaning it for many many hours.At least Michelle got a job that she will get money. That’s always a plus. White water rafting is so fun. I went with the YM in 07. That was so fun. That relay for life sounded fun. Pictures would be really nice and always do well. So this past week has been a good one. We were kicked out of two different houses. In both houses the dads came and said they didn’t want these at night. So we have to mark with them in the morning. We tried talking to the dads, but being stubborn Mozambiquan men they are they wouldn’t listen to us. But oh well, we still are sitting with them at least.We had our zone conference last week. It’s always so sweet when President and Sister Spendlove come up. They are so funny. President has a book of Mormon class every zone conference. He makes it fun and involves everyone. He taught that there are only 2 paths in this life. It’s the path of the Lord, which leads to Eternal Life. Or the path of the Devil, which pretty much leads to damnation. The only way you can be on the path to Eternal Life, is to enter into the one true church, be baptized and keep the commandments. We have to move our lives in order to walk on it. It’s a straight and narrow path. Anyone else is walking on the path of the devil. Whether you’re learning from the missionaries or whatever, you still are walking on the path of the devil. We are here to help people know of the path of Christ and to show it. But you have to be baptized in order to be able to walk on it. We have an investigator named Julia, whose dad kicked us out, who has the hardest life of anyone I know. She is verbally abused, no one in her family has respect for her, and she does everything at home. She cooks, cleans, anything you can name. It makes me so grateful for my family. The life here is very hard. We had a zone activity at the chapel last week. We made pancakes, we played football, and we watched the movie BOLT. That movie so funny. The first time I have seen it, I loved it.The lady a few weeks ago who fed us, her husband got 2 blocks of frozen fish. Did you know they have flounder here in Mozambique? But we were teaching them and as we were leaving, they gave us this big bag of fish. We grilled it up and ate all the fish. It was so good. And the next time we visited them we pilares. You have this big heavy stick and you have a bowl type of thing. You put rice, corn, or really anything in the bowl thingy, and just pound away. It’s fun.The 25th of June was the Independence Day here in Mozambique. There were drunken people everywhere. We couldn’t go anywhere without finding some drunk guy on the road. They party it up on their independence day. We were with the zone leaders showing them a house, and as we were walking back to the chapel, we cross the railroad tracks by a police headquarters. I guess they blew a whistle because they were taking down a flag. We didn’t hear with all the cars and people. They come running to us and are like you don’t have any respect blah blah blah. So they took us inside the station. And were like don’t you come from a country with a flag and don’t you have respect. We almost got arrested. We calmly calmed them down and told them what happened. It was weird.Last night going to a house, these kids threw a bottle at a light post. Being as bad as they already are, the wires started catching fire, but nothing really happened after. Kids here are not very smart. Ha-ha.Well that’s it. Have a good week. I love you all. Thanks for the support every week.Elder Sirrine