Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 61

So about the package, Wait a few more weeks, like 2. And i will know if i will be transfered because there is a slight chance I could be transfered. Ill let you know. 14 months and a year in Mozambique. Crazy!!!!!!!!!So we got some news from an investigator. I told you all a few weeks ago about a Isabel, that decided to change and sit with us. She was avoiding us and not sitting with us. Then we had a good talk with her and she started to sit with us, came to church and doing everything right. Than 2 weeks ago she went to this other church thing. So we go to her house and her little sister told us that she didnt want to sit with us and wanted nothing to do with us. So that was very sad when we heard that. I had such hope for her.I have come to a conclusion that I have actually grown to like little kids. I dont know what happened. Before the mission I didnt really like them, But now I love them, I chase them all around. Its so fun.I am the branches piano player. the thing is, is that the piano here is a atomatic playing piano. You choose the song and it plays.Thats about it this week. I love you all!!!!!!Elder Sirrine