Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 65

So whats the down low on the package my dearest mother? So its been a normal week here in Mozambique. Normal to me, maybe not to you all in America haha. So this coming Saturday, we have a baptism. Her name is Nacha. She is a person who participates in every activity that the church has. We wanted to wait to baptize her cause she is only 15, but both Elder Johnson and I couldnt wait to baptize her anymore. So on Sturday, the 27th, she will be baptized. I am very excited about that.So last Sturday the city of Biera "Fez ano", or its birthday. As we were in our area, there is drunks everywhere. Were not even in the city of Bira. Were right iutside. Some guy offered us wine. So Iask for it, and he gives its to me and I just throw all his wine all over the ground. And we just left. He just bought another one. I tried to help him quit, but being a stubborn drunk Mzambiquan, Ele nao gusta quando nos lancamos o seu vinho no chao. But oh well. You got some translating to do. haha That same day, a member from Chimoio came to Manga because her nephew died. She came to our chapel expecting to find me there. And she did. The first thing she told was I am looking pretty skinny. haha. That makes me feel good. haha. I just talked to her for like 10 minutes. Really good lady. We had Mormon helping hands last saturday. We went out to our area and we cleaned out " the sewer". it probaly had never before been cleaned. At least in years. I t was horrible. It was the worst smelling thing i think i have ever smelt in my life. It was bad. But the activity was good. Nine branches here did it. So it was really cool to have everyone together.So as we are riding in our area, These random kids come up yelling "Sirrine,Sirrine". I dont know them. but it was just so funny how they did it. haha. I will never forget it. haha.We had another training with President Spendlove last week. And an Elder in the house decided to play a joke. Elder Rios from Brazil. He loves to joke. Us 2 always joke together. He decided to be serious. He was playing it for 2 dys. Then all of a sudden he stops and just jokes around. I was actually suffering. haha. But he is so funny. I got a drunk guy to dance and sing. haha, We went to the monkey cemetery last week. We hitchhiked some rides. We didnt wanna pay for the chapas out there. We actually got rides there and back . At the start, we didnt see any monkeys, but as we leaving, there were some headstones around the perimeter, and we see a monkey. It leaves and we go monkey hunting. We find like 5 monkeys up in ther trees. One got like 5 feet from us. It was so COOL!!!!!!!!!Well thats about it. I LOVE you all. Please update the blog Jacob or Elder Sirrine