Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 90

The work here is going good. This past week the area has gotten better. We have been finding new people to teach. We are working with the branch president, President Chamba, on how we can help the branch more. He gave us work to do and we are going to do it as best we can. I don't know what to say about my comp. It seems sometimes we get along but at other times we don't. He is kind of down on himself a lot and I don't even know why. I live with a Vegan, a vegetarian, and my comp is lactose intolerant and is trying to eat meat. But I'm still going strong and being a man. It's kind of hard to live here with these people. Life is so bland I am not really enjoying the work right now. I heard a certain Elder here when I was in the shower talking about the faults I have. Why would you do that? Talk to me first. Good grief. I am fed up with a lot of stuff right now. Just three and a half months and I am home.

So we had a great lesson with a newer member that is 60 years old. We were talking about temples. We tell her that her and her dead husband and three dead kids can be together forever and she starts pouring her eyes out. Both of us thought "No one has ever taught her that." She keeps on saying "Thank you". Once she stopped crying she told us of some dreams she has had. She said since her husband died, she hasn't really thought of him. She loved him. And after her baptism, she said "My husband has come to me in my dreams. She never told us what he has said but she wants to send the names of her dead family members to the temple so in about a year they can be sealed in the temple. It's amazing to actually see when someone loves another person here. It’s not common.

We are working with another couple, Armando and Fatima. They aren't married but Armando is the type of person that gets things done. So we talk to them about marriage and how they have to be married in order to be baptized. He tells us ''I was worried about that, what about parties and lebolo". Leola is pretty much the dude pays the girls dad in order to start living or marrying her. It’s a big thing here and sometimes you pay tons of money for this. It's the biggest factor in stopping marriages here. So we told him he doesn't have to do lebolo and if he wants a party, it doesn't have to be right at the wedding. The most important thing is getting married. We made a goal for the first week in March, they should be married by then and the Saturday after, they can be baptized. I actually think this wedding might happen. Armando actually makes good money.

So we teach a Zito. He is a tennis player that played in the African X games that happened here in Maputo. I don't know how far he went in it, but he is a cool guy.

So I dug a hole for the first time since I was in Magoanine. It was so hot I drank almost 3 liters of water in like 2 hours of digging. It wasn't a super deep hole but it works. Also, while in a chapa this past week, going to our farthest area, we see this huge storm cloud and we think “There is a storm coming". Within seconds, the wind picks up all this sand and it's like a tornado of sand. No matter where you are, you are hit by sand. T-3 is like Magoanine, just full of sand. Within like 5 minutes it's pouring rain. Once out of the chapa, we are soaked. We went to a really crappy member’s house who argued with us about America. Use less lesson.
Well that's about it. I love you all

Elder Sirrine