Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 89

Things here are going pretty good. The new area....well there is a lot to be done. We only have like 4 investigators so we are working on getting more. T-3 has a really bad rep here on the mission. There have been hundreds of crappy missionaries here that have done lots of bad things here. So the area and the branch here are down the drain. My comp is Elder Bradford. He is from Allen, Texas which is near Dallas. He is in his sixth transfer. I think this is the only transfer we will be together. He has been here 3 already. We teach a whole lot of sack members here to try and have them come back to church. I am kind of stressed out about everything. I need to rely on the Lord more and not on me.

So I had a very..... interesting visit to a hospital. So I have had stomach problems for my whole mission and I have this bad cough. We thought I could have asthma. We bought an inhaler to see if it would help. It didn't get better. So we decided to call Sister Spendlove to see what we should do. She says we should go to this private clinic, ICOR, and she would meet us there the next day. So the next day we go and catch a chapa that took 90 minutes to get there. We get there do some paperwork. And pretty much here is a summary of what happened: An x-ray taken of my lungs, I get my blood taken, and I pooped into a little plastic cup. Yes, I did all these things. I had to get test done. I got the results the same day and nothing is wrong with me. The doctors were a little confused. These were doctors from all over the world. I got some medicine to help make the things go away. I am feeling better already. I don’t want to go back. I am just amazed at the love of Sister Spendlove. She was there and left and even brought us food to eat. There are not a lot of missionaries who can say they hung out with the mission president’s wife for a few hours.

We were at a market this past week. We saw some stuff from korondaros, or the witch doctors. They have all this herbal "medicine" and stuff. It was weird to see. I did not feel good there at all. We also met Luis there. He walked with Elder Masterson, my second comp, for a few weeks before I was with Elder Masterson. He still knew who I was after 25 months of not seeing him. Some guy told us he thought we were jokes and we were here just to have sex with the women here and have babies. We made sure he knew what our real purpose was. I got kind of fed up with him.

 We also had a rat hunt. Well, my comp was who killed him. I was in the corner with a mop, acting like a little girl. I hate rats. They are so nasty. My comp felt bad for killing it but I was sure happy when he did.

That's about it. I love you guys and have a good week.

Elder Sirrine