Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 92


Good news for you all. We have an excellent member here in T-3. This guy has a 100% home teaching record and knows where every member lives from our branch. He is the only member in all of Mozambique to accomplish this. He even brings people presents, in fact the last present he brought to a members house was a Bowie knife. Isn't that great? He is very nice; he's always smiling and he laughs at everything. He loves making sure we're safe and passes by our house every morning and every night making sure we have food and water. His favorite service activity is cleaning and he's so detailed that he'll take your stuff home to take care of it. Remember the knife? Well, it and his mother have a very friendly relationship. Also, he's super healthy. He loves to drink water and he carries around a bottle with him just in case someone gives him some. He definitely shows his love, and in fact he always wants us to get close with him so he can introduce us to his friend 'Bowie'. So things are really good here. Can't you tell?

So here at our house we have a place, not a hole, to put our garbage. Every once in a while we burn it so we can pile trash on it again. Yesterday, after church, we decided to burn it. There was a mattress that had been eaten and chewn through by rats that had to go. So after the fire started, we put the mattress on the fire to burn. The mattress is a big foam pad with covering. So we thought it would burn pretty small. Oh, we were wrong. I am already inside and I hear "Hurry, get water!” I look outside and I see the mattress in engulfed by the fire. The fire was as tall as the wall here. We even heard our metal gate popping and moving from the heat. So we fill up buckets of water and try to put the fire under control. We are filling up water buckets and running to put the fire out. We finally got it under somewhat of a control. Just think there is tons of black smoke from the mattress and the garbage. We let the pile of stuff keep on burning. After a few minutes this one black guy comes up and says stuff like "You're poisoning us, the smoke kills" blah blah blah. It doesn't make sense. Every other person in this neighborhood, even this country, does the same thing. Here there really are only 2 ways of getting rid of garbage. Either a hole or you burn it. They have a garbage service here but not where we live. But the fire was fun!

Yesterday, the Maputo district had district conference. We were told to get to he church by eight because that's when we had to go to Matola. Matola has a really big amphitheater and its right next to T-3 and the city of Maputo. And of course we get there and only one member is there. After like an hour more people get there and the bus to take us isn't there. After a huge mess and lots of waiting, we piled onto the bus and went to Matola where we got to met Elder Soares, from the area presidency, who recognized me from the conference we held in Beira back in November. The amphitheater was very well taken care of and was great for the members to see what the church here in Maputo looks like.

This week we got the names of some family members of one of our newly baptized members, Maria, who I've mentioned before. That was the first time I've received names to send to the temple for ordinance work.

Also, we have an investigator named Zito who finally acknowledged his own responsibility in the gospel he's learning. He told us that he has a choice to make now or really that he only has two choices. We hope he'll do what's right.

Also, this week my companion, the lovely Elder Bradford, and I got to work with reactivations hardcore his week. We did some work! We've already helped bring back several people and they came to district conference yesterday.

Well, that's about it. I love you all. Have a good week.

Elder Sirrine