Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 87

I wish I could have snow and ice hear. All I got here is unbearable hotness and monsoon rains all the time. Not fair!!! Ha-ha. But those are still some crazy stories. Ha-ha.

But it is transfer. I am getting transferred back down to Maputo to the branch of T-3. I will finish my mission there. I will be with an Elder Bradford from Dallas Texas. I got to know him a little bit. Instead of taking a bus, I get to fly. There was a major rainstorm and flooding that wiped out a major bridge. And now we can’t take a bus down there. I get to fly for the first time since I got to Mozambique. I will tell you more when I get there.

I am pretty sad to be leaving Munhava. My first 2 transfer I really wanted to leave from here. I wanted to go home. I didn’t like my comp, we hardly taught, and the work sucked. I think it was the down point of my mission. Then my comp got transferred and Elder Homer got here. That’s where everything got up. 6 weeks later, the work is great, we have 14 people marked for baptism, there coming to church, I'm happy. Just as the work was getting bad, I wanted to quit and go home, I get help from the lord. Elder Homer changed my attitude. I actually wanted to out to work. I didn't dread going out to work every day. He and I may not be very common, but he has helped me a lot in these past 6 weeks. I don't want to leave Munhava. I love it. It is the biggest success story of my mission. How a missionary is in the slums and how he got taken out with help from the Lord and a missionary.

I had some funny stories happen. At a lesson, we were sitting outside. There drunk neighbor started to come over, and he stops, bends down, and does that cross thing that the Catholics do. I tell him “If you want to talk to us, you don't have to do the cross. We are just normal people that are here helping mozambiquan." Then he started crying. So the blue came out in me and I actually felt bad. I got him to stop crying. After he left, the people we were teaching explains his whole family abandoned him a few years ago, and now he is alone. He has no family near and since then he hasn't been the same.. We went on an adventure. We were using the GPS and looking for a member. With the rain, there is mud and puddles all over the place. So we go walking all over the place. By the time we are done we are filthy dirty. It was pretty funny.

We taught an investigator the word of wisdom. She had problems with tea and coffee. After, she said "I will not drink anymore of this stuff.” I was like "sweet!” We also taught another investigator "21" and "war" with cards. Every time she would lose her say pretty much "crap" and whenever she would win she would say "what a blessing". I thought it was funny and as we were leaving, you have to cross a bridge over a little ditch. As I was leaving, I break the bridge. You only have to take 2 steps at the max. Hahaha. We are going to help fix it this week.

We ran into a place that said "Bairro dos Americanos" or " the neighborhood of the Americans". It was painted on a sign. I took a picture of it.
Well that’s it; wish me luck on my flight to Maputo. I love you all. Please don’t forget about the school stuff Mom

Elder Sirrine - The one and only