Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 94

Well, what a crazy week this past week. The work this week has been a slow process and health wise, it has been a dozy. So last week, Elder Miller started to get flu like symptoms, weakness, headaches that kinds of stuff. Then later in the week, Elders Colvin and Smith start getting the same things but worse. Then it hit me. On Friday after a lesson I just got a wave of sickness over me. So all 4 of us were sick with a virus or something. Saturday morning we all slept in because of how sick we were. Oh yeah. Friday night on the way home we see these big clouds coming towards us and we thought "oh great". As we get near home it starts pouring down rain like buckets of water hitting us. So we run to this little shack and we are covered by metal as the rain is coming down. So we wait for like 30 minutes and the rain calms down and we walk home. We get home and we learn the others room has a leak and it got water over everything, their beds, scriptures, I mean everything and we had no power. Our room was fine and so they grabbed cushions and slept on the floor in our room that had mo energy because the power was gone. So 4 grown wet sweaty men sleeping in a room with no air conditioner. It might have been one of the worst nights ever.

I was thinking of some stuff I want to do when I get home. I want to go to Seattle, ride the ferry, and go to a Mariners game. I also want to go to the Woodland Park zoo and Northwest Trek. I know I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and I was thinking it could be done the Monday after I get home. But if it has to be done right after I get home, it’s no big deal.

That’s about it, this week was very boring. Have a good week and I love you all

Elder Sirrine