Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 95

Hello family,

Things here in Mozambique are going well. These past few weeks have been kind of slow. The work is going well. We have been working a lot with the members helping them with family night, reading the Book of Mormon and all that good stuff. We do have some good investigators going well and hopefully in the next few weeks we can have some good old baptisms. But we will see what happens.

This past week, we were at a members house and Elder Smith was asking her some questions to get to know her a little more and he asked "do you have a boyfriend" and she said "yeah I do" so he started to ask some more questions. We got some fun stuff said to us. What we learned is he is an American, named George, was a missionary who passed by here a year ago. It was so funny to hear the responses. Ha-ha

This past week, another Elder who goes home with me, Elder Chamberlain, who is the tri-cities region of Washington, is flying all the way to Seattle with me. Yep, I fly from Mozambique to home with someone. Score for us. We are going to have some fun on the way home. I am going home with 8 other elders and we separate in London. I was supposed to go home with 17 (13 Americans and 4 Africans) but they split us up. 4 Americans and the 4 Africans go home before us and we will have fun coming home. Ha-ha!

There was something else that was pretty funny. We were walking around to go to a lesson and this drunken guy that came up and me being me, I started to talk to him, kind is of provoking him. And sometimes he would look at me, staring at me then he would call me, in English, "duck" and he would start cranking up and it was so funny. Now the other elders call me "duck". Ha-ha

That's about it. Not a whole lot of excitement this past week. Well have a good week and I love you all

Elder Sirrine