Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 44

Isn’t it good to have Christmas in March? Yeah I got my Christmas Packages this past week!!!!
Thanks for everything mom. And tell Jamie too.

And yes I had Malaria. I went to the doctor. But they told me it’s just a onetime thing. And I will only get it again if I get bit by another mosquito. I am over it.

Things here in Mozambique are good. We caught a chapa this week. And one guy on it was SUPER drunk. He gave someone his phone to hold until he got off. He told them if they guy gave him back his phone before he got off, he would hit him. It may seem weird now, but it was so funny to hear and see.

We have 3 people marked for baptism. Their names are Carmen, Odilson and Aogosto. They are all teenagers and they are so smart. Carmen will be baptized this Sunday, and the other 2 will be baptized in a couple weeks. I probably won’t see them. Transfer meeting is a week from Friday. At the end of this transfer I will have 5 moths here in Chimoio. That will be half my mission. I will miss it here once I do get transferred.

Yesterday I gave a talk in church. One of the speakers didn’t show up. So it was a spur of the moment talk. Just like my homecoming will be. Ha-ha. I talked about why are we here on earth. People said it went good. When I was teaching primary I gave the kids some American candy. They LOVED it!!!!! They went crazy for it.

Carmen’s sister is weird. Whenever we go to her house, she is always drunk. And she always tells me she wants to be my girlfriend and go back to America with me. It’s pretty funny to hear. Ha-ha

Well that about it. Thanks for the support. I love you ALL!!!!

Elder Sirrine