Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 48

Hello Mom,I’m doing well here in Manga. Things are going good with my companion. His name is Elder Christensen and he is from south Jordan Utah. So yes another comp from Utah, ha-ha. He has 14 brothers and sisters. I told him that his family should start their own TV show ha-ha. I am still with a group of six missionaries. I like it like this more than two. Riding the bikes is a whole lot of fun. We go off-roading and stuff with them because our area is in the wood ha-ha. I am like 10 minutes from the city of Beira. Manga is just a zone of Beira. I am only three hours closer to Maputo. But I am still hours from there.That’s cool you went down to California for the dole foods people. Why do you think you wouldn’t get the account with them? Are they difficult people there or something? So last week, here in Beira There is a restaurant called Piniqinue. The way you say it is like the word picnic. We had steaks there. Oh man, it was so good. I think we will be going there to eat there again.Last week, we went to the monkey cemetery here. It’s an old cemetery by our house and it has these huge trees and it’s full of monkeys. But before I took pictures of the monkeys, my cameras battery dies. But it looked like the legit jungle. At a member’s house, there was this huge cat that kept on coming in. And the member spoke in dialect to their kids to do something. The kids came back about ten minutes later with the cat dead in their head. They asked us if we wanted to eat it with them. We passed. Ha-haOne of our recently baptized members told us the story of his parent’s death. They both died within a week of each other last year. They were both sick. When he told us it, it was so sad. I almost cried for him. An investigator, Fatima, got a surprising answer to her prayer. She got the answer that all churches are true and we could go to anyone church we want. She is so stubborn that she will not pray again. So we aren’t going to her house anymore. I have a question mom. I was thinking about when I call home for mother’s day. I was thinking that I should call on Saturday instead of Sunday. It’s because six people will be trying to call on Sunday. I will give you the number some other time and stuff.Have a good week and I Love you all

Elder Sirrine