Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 50

Hooray! So happy to hear about Osaba Bin Laden!

So this week has been a good week here in Mozambique. But we got some bad news this week. One of the members, who lived in Angola, passed away this week. Her name was sister bĂȘte. All the missionaries knew her. She was from here in Manga. She even served a mission in Kenya and spoke English. She lived in Maputo, working in the mission home. I got to know here while I served in Maputo. Her funeral will be this week.

This week we also made a broom from palm leaves. It’s amazing what Africans do here with what limited resources they have. I would have taken some pictures, but it was raining and I left my camera at home. Next time I will bring it.

We went as a house to a senior couple’s house this past week. They made us shrimp, fettuccini, and green beans. It was the best food I have had in 11 months. It was so GOOD!!! I couldn’t eat anything for about 2 days. No joke! I was stuffed like sardines in a can. Ha-ha

We also had the chance of seeing price Williams wedding. We were out eating, and it was on the TV. So we stayed there and watched a little. It was weird, those types of weddings. Ha-ha

It’s been raining like crazy here. Everyday it has been raining.

So there was this investigator that said he "read" the first chapter in the book of Mormon. So we asked her what she learned. So she tried to explain. We could tell she was lying. So elder Christensen asked her about the cavallo branco, or white horse that Nephi. So she is like yeah Nephi had a white horse that he took care of, and all that stuff. Than we ask her sister, who actually reads the book of Mormon if she remembers a white horse. She said no. Just think, I’m laughing the whole quietly, with a book in my face. Then when the sister says no, I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I was laughing so hard. Ha-ha.

So about the call home, I will call home on Saturday. The only time I have to call is about 7 in the morning, your time. I will call you first than you got to call me back. We will just do what we did for Christmas. So once I call you call me.

That’s about it for this week. Until Saturday, I love you all!!!!

Elder Sirrine

On this computer I can’t send pictures Sorry!!!!!!