Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 46

DDDDUUUUUDDDDEEEEEE that looks like so much fun. We definitely need to go on one when I get home.

So this will be my last P-Day here in Chimoio. So that means I will be transferred. I’m going to the city of Manga. In English, Manga is Mango. Manga is the mango producing place of Mozambique. All I heard about there is it’s really nice and I am lucky to go there. I spent 5 months in Chimoio. For what I have done in the mission, 10 months, I have spent half my mission here in Chimoio. So it will be hard to leave here for sure. My new comps name is Elder Christensen. I got to know him a little in the MTC because he came in 6 weeks after I did. Cool guy.

So this past week, we dug a new hole for garbage. It’s about 2 meters wide and 1 and a half deep. So it’s a pretty decent sized hole. The little poor kids are always getting into it and taking our garbage. It’s sad to see, but weird too. You wouldn’t see that in the States.

So we had our African leave this past week too. He was from Cape Verde. He finished his mission. It was pretty hard to see him go. His name was Elder Monteiro. He a six foot six, 220lb guy. So a big guy. He was hilarious.

SO we also thought we found a new investigator. But when we got there he thought we were only there to speak English. That what tons of people think when they see two big white guys walking down the road. So we told him we are not there to teach English, Were there to preach the gospel. So we teach him about Joseph Smith and the restoration. The next time we sit with him, he tells us his sister doesn’t want us there to sit with because they have their church already. But that he will come to the English classes. So the guy was kind of weird. I won’t lie. Ha-ha

So we go to a member’s house this past week. And as we are leaving to go home, these two drunken guys asked where the church was. So we start to explain, and there like no it’s not there it’s here. And stuff like that. You all know how drunken people are. But it was pretty funny.

I also had some of my shirts taken in They were huge on me since I have lost wait. Now they fit perfectly. I love the shirts now.

We also found a new Talho, or butcher shop in our area. The meat is really good there. They have some steaks that are AMAZING!!! Too bad I’m Leaving. Ha-ha.

We also lost our keys here. So we had to get tons of new keys made. We looked for hours for them, and nothing there. I feel really ashamed. Ha-ha.

So that’s about it this week. Mom can you ask dad to ask if people from his side of the family can email me. I want to hear from them too.

I love you all,
Elder Sirrine