Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 45

Cruise when I’m here in Mozambique?

This week is transfer week. So I will let you know what happens when I email next week. This past week we were fixing one of the A/C machines in the house. And once we got it going, it shoots out things of ice at us. We all just booked it out of the room. We all got pretty scared. Ha-ha. We had someone come look at it too. His name was Formiga. And in English, Formiga means ANT!! So we all were like, what kind name is that. Ha-ha

Last Monday, we had a senior couple here. We watched movies with them. We watched Brother Bear 2 and sky high. We stayed up till like Midnight. We ate popcorn and we ate a lot of candy I got. Ha-ha. By the way, I did share the stuff with my comp.

Speaking of my comp, he got malaria last week. So we stayed home a couple days because when you get malaria, you can’t really move, you’re too weak to.

We were at an investigators house and her uncle was drunk. And he asked us where we are from. And we tell him were Americans. He then offered us pork, but said Oh Obama is your president, you don’t eat pork. oink oink. He said that because Obama is Muslim. Ha-ha. That made my day. They also offered us beer, but they were like whoops just kidding y'all can’t drink it. Ha-ha

We had baptisms last week. Carmen, our investigator, was baptized. She is 18 and a very smart girl. That’s what the church here in Chimoio needs is more young women to be leaders here. We have a lack of them.

This has been a really hot week. It hasn’t rained for week. The highest got about 115 here. It was BAD!!!!!

Well that’s about it this week. I love you all

Elder Sirrine