Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 25


Really, where do all the weeks go? It seems like yesterday I was sitting at a computer emailing. It’s ridiculous.

So this week, until last Saturday I was in Beira. That area was so cool. We had 4 people getting ready for baptism. The three younger ones parents at first wouldn’t let them be baptized. But we fasted that they would, and it worked. Just shows the lord answers our fast. In Beira, almost every morning we would go do exercises on the beach. Now I can say that I have done that. We also had to carry matope or little bits of mud on our head in sacks. It helps water not get into their houses. All the natives didn’t think we could do it. But we showed that white people can do the same things as them. We also did a mutual thing there too. We filled a garbage bag pretty much full of popcorn. I will send a picture. I was also pooped on by a bird. It was sitting on some wires and just went. It was so GROSS!! We also got a ride from a drunk, stoned guy. It was probably the scariest moments of my life. But I will always have the memories.

On Saturday, I arrived here in Chimoio. We have church at our house.
Yesterday, we had 65 people come. We watched general conference for it too. It was awesome. Elder Russell was at our house yesterday too. He is in a senior couple. And he was a Vet. And I have been having trouble with my toe. He looked at it yesterday, and cleaned it out. We figure out that I had an abscess(spelling) in my foot. He said luckily we cleaned it out or it could have gotten worse. But I’m ok, don’t worry about me. Going to a member’s house yesterday, we had to cross like a little lake. People helped us get across, it was so funny.

For my package, I just want my iPod with church music, the ihome thing for it that I have, letters, and pictures. That all I need. You can out anything else in it too. But send it to that care4life place with FedEx. But you have to send it maybe this week. We have Zone conference on the 25th of November, and if it is not there by then, I won’t get it till Christmas. I will be in Beira for it on the 24th of December. I was thinking I might call the 26th of December here, but it will still be Christmas night for you all. But I don’t know yet.

I have a question. Are Jon and Andrew doing there papers for their missions. Just wondering.

Can you all send pictures of Virginia City and Bella too next week.

With Love, Elder Sirrine