Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 28

Hi Mom and Family,

Here it didn’t even seem like a holiday passed. But we did have a little celebration here. Whenever we would say we are grateful, we would take a skittle, than say what we are grateful for, than eat the skittle. It was really fun to do but I missed home a lot though. For my comp, can you maybe put like socks in it or something. I have a new comp that I am training and he is from Mozambique, so he doesn’t really have a lot of stuff. Maybe even a white shirt. But I think socks for him would be great. Tell Jamie and Landi thanks if they’re sending a package. Tell them about the Care4life address. But it’s pretty expensive to send it.

Yeah, and for the money, just put it in my BECU account. I wouldn’t trust the mail system either.

While its cold there for you, Its HHHOOOOTTTTT here. Right now I am sweating like a dog. My back is all wet and I have sweat dripping off my face. I miss the cold and rain. Ha-ha But I didn’t get those snow pictures though. I don’t know what happened. Maybe if you send an email of just pictures it would work.

Yeah I will print some pictures off this week, than send them off next week.

As for me, the two elders I was living with that opened the area are gone. One of them went home because his mission was over, and Elder Munsee, who was my Comp, is going to Angola. That’s my second companion in Angola. Two more of my other comps went home this transfer. So the only Comps I have that are still here in Mozambique are my comp from the MTC, and elder Antonio, the one I’m training. I’m only in my 4th transfer and I am training.

This past week we had zone conference in Beira. While there, my cameras lens broke. So I had to buy a new camera. Luckily Sister Spendlove already had some from America, because elder’s cameras are always breaking. So I only spent like 100 dollars on it. It should last the rest of the mission.

But this week has been a hard one for me. I have been really homesick. But I am doing better now.

But we are working with some investigators to get baptized in January. So we are working hard with that. I am also helping someone get civilly married so she can be baptized.

But that’s about it this week. Thanks a lot for everything you do. I love you so much.

Elder Sirrine