Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 24

HHHHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!So mom, I am in the city of Beira right now. I will be here for a week more or so. We are waiting for a new missionary to get here. Than when he gets here it’s off too chimoio. Its only 3 hours from Beira. The senior couple up here said i will be able to come back here for Christmas. I am really glad about that. Beira is a lot like Maputo, but just smaller. There is a lot more of a diverse population here. There are lots of Asians, Muslims, and actually a few white people surprisingly. I have seen just the same amount of animals here. But there are tons of dogs here. One looks like Bella. The trip here was fine. Just long. We rode a bus up here. It took about 15 hours or so. There were 5 other elders who came up with me. The language is coming along good. I am not near being fluent, but I’m talking more. Which is a good thing? When are you going to send the package? Just wondering. I am glad opa is doing better. Last Monday night I ate at an Italian place. I guess the zone leaders take all the new elders to Beira out to eat. It was really good. So my new area is pretty much by our house and the downtown of Beira. It’s huge. Sometimes we have to walk up 13 stories to get to some investigators houses. Right now my comp is Elder Hendrickson. He is from Utah. He is going home this month. I got my first mozambiquan haircut. They don’t know how to cut whit people hair. Ha-ha. So I just got it buzzed. This week I also saw two white women. They were the first white women I have seen in three months. We also heard a church singing count your many blessing. It was kind of weird. The pastor was like the tithing is not enough, pay more. Than we saw hi, him putting it in his pocket after the sermon. The people here are so corrupt. They will do anything for money. I also hit five months last week. I hit six months on the mission this month too. Crazy right.Mom, can you send me a link to the blog your doing for me. I want to see how it is.And thanks for the pictures. I loved them. When I get home I want to go to Virginia City. So plan on it. Can you send pictures of Bella maybe too?That's about it for this week.
With tons of love,
Elder Sirrine