Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 27

Hello from Mozambique!!!!!!!!!

Things here are going great. I also can’t believe how fast time goes here. It’s just week after week. I hit my six month mark on the mission on Friday. Crazy right?

Yeah that Meeker show last year was when I cut my hand pretty bad. But I miss going to those shows a lot. I actually liked just going there and seeing everything.

I wish we had snow here. crazy thing. we had a HUGE rainstorm here last night. it rained for hours on end. it seemed like you were just getting buckets of water poured onto your head. I will send some pictures of the clouds home to you. I didn’t get the picture of the snow out the front door. Maybe next week you can send another. And maybe pictures of Virginia City and Bella. Yeah here it’s getting pretty hot now. But December and January is the hottest time of the year here. So I’m bracing for those months. Our house has air conditioning. Luckily!

We have some people that we are teaching. For the most part there all friends. They all ask crazy questions from the bible. Especially Jose. so pretty much we said the bible has been translated so many times, that its not really even right. And that the book of Mormon is only translated from the plates to English and from English to Portuguese. So only two times not compared to the bible which has been translated 15-20 times. But they are still good kids. And we have Joana. She has completely changed her life. We taught her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. After the lessons she stopped drinking and the other bad stuff. And now she wants to be baptized. It’s amazing to see the change in her.

I don’t know if we are doing anything for Thanksgiving. There are only three Americans in our house. But I’ll see... if we do I will take pictures. For Christmas we are going to Beira.

Last week we climbed Cabeça do Velho. Or in English its Head of the old man. It’s this huge prominent landmark. You might see it in Google earth or something. It was so fun. We saw all of chimoio. On the way down, we saw corendairos, or witch doctors, waving a big dead chicken over someone’s head. It was a little strange. The place where we buy our groceries is a little fast food joint. It was so good. It actually tasted like home fast food. We had to cross a river again to get to our area. It’s like a foot or two deep. Crazy.

I also met an American. His name James Baker. He is doing charity work here or something. He refuses to call us elder so he calls us by our last names only. He is kind of strange. Every Friday night we have cookie night. We buy cookies and eat them. It’s fun. We also helped cut down a tree. Were going back sometime this week to finish it.

We made tinfoil dinners on Saturday. We have a little fire pit at our house. So we also made smores with them too. AMAZING!!!

So yeah that’s about it for this week. Until next week.

With Tons of Love

Elder Sirrine