Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 26

Week 26??!! Already? I can’t believe it. The time here goes by so fast.

Don’t worry about not writing me last week. I love getting emails from him too. My companion is AWESOME!!!! His name is Elder Munsee. He is from Morgan, Utah. So this is my third comp from Utah. The only one that wasn’t is from the mtc. He loves to sing and he plays the piano too. Our branch is pretty brand new. It only opened like 4 and half months ago. Elder Munsee was one of the people who helped opened it. So he will probably leave Chimoio soon. He is only four months ahead of me on the mission. So here we teach and find. That our days. I had to find people for the first time on my mission here. The food here is pretty similar to home but way different. They have Pringles here but it is not the same. And no mom, I’m not starving ha-ha. When you are walking around in African sun and dripping sweat, you can’t really help but lose it. ha-ha.

I am really glad to hear about Michelle. I am glad she is going well in school. Can you tell her to check her linklarkin email? I sent her an email a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the info on the package. Sounds good. But like ctr rings would be good. Africans really don’t like things super sweet. So lollipops I don’t really know about. Ha-ha. I just can’t believe I turn 20, 26 days from today. CRAZY!

Last week on P-day we played monopoly. I got in second place. It was so fun to play. We had to carry a bunk bed from like 3 kilometers away from our house. It was crazy. I live with six elders. We took it down, carried it home, and built it again. It’s the one I sleep on. I also played soccer with some native kids. I suck horribly. One of our investigators baby farted during a lesson. We were all cracking up for like 5 minutes. Carrying that bunk bed, I got burnt. Like Mexico burnt on my face. My area is like huts and then huts up in the mountains. I love it here.

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday. One of the girls was wearing jean shorts and a playboy belt. Strange right. There were also big ugly out of shape women washing clothes and little boys in underwear swimming.

Next week I will be emailing Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s because of the conferences. P day will be switched.

Until next week, With Love

Elder Sirrine