Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 23

This week has been a pretty good week. It was transfer week. Like I said last week, I am being transferred up to the Beira area. It’s called Chimoio. But for a couple weeks I will be in the branch of Beira 1. We are just waiting for the elders from the Brazilian MTC to get here. Than after that, off to Chimoio. I got here Saturday night. So I have only been working in this area for a few days, but it’s awesome. Beira is not nearly as big as Maputo. But the chapel here is like one back home. It’s so nice. It doesn’t seem like it belongs here.And you will never guess what I got last Monday....TTTTHHHHEEEEEE PPPPPAAAACCCKKKKAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEE. Yeah I finally got it. It had everything in it still. I also saw a monkey on a leash. Only in Africa will you a monkey on a leash. Very crazy. Since last week was the last week of the transfer, we had a beach bash. It was really fun. But I had to say bye to all the elders that were in Maputo. Out of the thirteen people that got here from my district, only one is in Maputo. So twelve of us are in the Beira zone. Besides the MTC, Magoanine was my first home away from home. So it was really hard to leave it. I didn’t want to, but the mission has to go on. Last week hopefully you got that address from Elder Woolf. In the package I want only a few things. I don’t really want any food. I don’t want to gain weight back. But if you already have, that fine. But I do want an American watch, the ones here suck. I also want pictures. Lots of them and letters too. I want those more than anything. But if you want you can send my iPod too. You can put church music on it and I could listen to it. You can send the home thing I have also. But with that, you don’t need too. It was just a thought.Yesterday I ate chicken gizzard. It was actually pretty good.Well I hope you guys know I am ten hours ahead of you. So hopefully I can get emails again. Without them my whole week is down. And the place I email I get here at 730 mozambiquan time. That like 930 Washington time. Just to let you all know. But if you all are super busy and, I understand.ByeElder Sirrine