Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 22

TTTTRRRRRRAAAANNNNSSSFFFFEEEERRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So I am leaving Maputo and going up to....... CHIMOIO!!!! This transfer is only the fourth transfer that it has been opened. I will sleep in the city here tomorrow night and then at 4 o'clock in the morning I will take a bus for a 15 hour bus ride up to Biera. I will be there for two-three weeks. It’s because there are some native elders in the Brazilian MTC who won’t arrive till then. And so I will be with an elder who will have one of them as comps. once they arrive I will go to Chimoio. I will most likely be there for Christmas. So mom, I have not got that package, but someone I live with was up in Biera for most of his mission, and his parents have an address for a church place where they sent his packages for him. He is going to email his parents for it, email me, than I will email you it. But you have to send the package with FedEx; it will arrive there in like a week. But with FedEx, it’s more expensive but it is also guaranteed to get there. When it gets there, they call us, someone picks it up, and when I am in Beira again or someone from there comes from Chimoio, I will get it. So if you send like within two weeks, I can pick it up myself. Can you put pictures in it too and a recipe book. But if not I don't know when I would get it. Here is the pouch address if you need it- Elder Jacob Sirrine Mozambique Maputo Mission POB 30150 Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150 USAyou all can still use it’s still free. So last week when we went shopping, the place where we get our food had Christmas decorations up. Its only October. It made me miss home. We also went to a place to eat called Rodizios. It’s so good. It’s like a buffet where you sit there and they bring food out to you. It’s easily the most fancy restaurant in the country. It cost about 800 meticals.. Which is about 20-25 dollars. But it was totally worth it. I also made fried chicken this week. Everybody loved it. They said its better than KFC. I also saw a lady beheaded a chicken and then skin it. It was pretty strange. You see lots of strange things here. I want to wish you and dad a happy anniversary even though it’s late. And Chris a happy birthday too.I got really sick for the first time here this week. I think it might have been a small case of food poison. But I’m all good now. I’m sad about Opal’s situation. I will be praying for him. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that other Tacoma dome show. Time goes by so fast its crazy.Here are some pictures for you all, until Next week. With love,-Elder Sirrine