Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 21

OOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIII DDDDDDEEEEEE AAAAAFFFFFFRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!Where does all the time go? This week we already have transfer meeting. Maluco! So I will let you guys all know next week. And for the packages, they have FedEx and DHL. But maybe you can check with the mail to see where it is. Its five weeks tomorrow. So hopefully this week I will get it. Did you send the package to the caixa postal address?I have not gotten to do any baptisms. I probably won’t because President Spendlove wants the members to do it to exercise their priesthood power. But if the investigator wants a missionary to baptize them, we can. The language of Portuguese is coming along. I am nowhere near fluent but it’s coming. I can speak a little dialect too. With that Mozambique shirt I sent home, where it has the languages, it’s the second language on it. It’s the most common one spoken here in Maputo. So last week we went to a museum. It was the natural history museum here in Maputo. It was so awesome. They had taxidermies of African animals. And you could touch them. They had like lions attacking animals and stuff. It was stuff you would never see in the states. I’ll send some pictures. We also went to the zoo. Oh man! My favorite P-day. They have a hippo there. It comes right up to the fence. And you could feed it. Elder Marlor tickled under its mouth. He almost got his arm bit off. Ha ha. They also have a monkey that does flips for bananas. They have this huge crocodile there too. And we bought a chicken on the side of the road. And we fed it the chicken. The only thing that separates you from it is a little chain link fence. So different from the states.This past week has been very stormy. It’s been raining every day, and we have thunder storms. One night we went on the roof and we were taking videos of the storm. I’ll send some home too. It was probably not the smartest thing to do.This week we also really didn’t have any water. There was something wrong with our pump. So we had to ration all the water we had to make sure we had some. But we have water now.I was just wondering mom, have you re-arranged my room at all. Just kind of curious. And I was just wondering how all the family was doing. I want some emails or letters.Mom, maybe can you send some pictures in emails of what’s going on with life. I would really appreciate it.Well that’s about it for this week. Here are pictures of my African adventures! Until next week! I love you all and have a good week!!!!-Elder Sirrine