Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hi Mom and everybody,

We have some time to e-mail here. We are all at the mission home. My first area I am going to is called Mogoanine. It is this town that is right outside of Maputo. They say it is a really strong branch. They have 42 ward missionaries there. I am heading out there tonight. I am excited. I can't wait wait to go. Tommorow morning we have to do stuff at the embassy to make sure we can stay here and everything like that.

My trainers name is Elder Call. The flights were not fun at all. They took forever to go on too. They just wouldn't end.

I guess my district has a baptism this Saturday. It will be my first Saturday in Africa and I am already going to go to a baptism. That's awesome.

So you can send letters to Mozambique. If you can, send them please! I miss everyone and would really like to hear from them.

So Mom I had to create a email account here. Ldsmail does not work here. iMy new email address is So on monday, which is my new P-Day, send it to there please.

The views here are awesome! Mozambique is such an awesome place!

Sorry for the short email. I promise I will have a long one on Monday.

Hope all is well at home. I love you all!

-Elder Sirrine